What are the chances of students completing their engineering degree in Germany in German medium, getting employment in India?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 09 Sep 2023        
An engineering degree in German medium may not be a problem for obtaining a job in India provided he is able to convert and communicate what he studied to the situations and requirements here. I have never seen any advertisement stating that students who studied in a particular language medium only should apply.

I know a person who did his degree in India and went to Russia and did his PhD in the Russian Language medium. After PhD, he came back to India and joined a university as Lecturer. Later on, he became a Professor, Head of the Department and Principal of a college.

But an important point is that the degree obtained should be recognized as equivalent to a qualification in India. The university in which the student studied should be recognized and the students of that university should be eligible to apply for jobs offered for that post in that country.

The candidate should face the interview, written test etc. competing with other candidates and should get qualified in the written and oral tests. However, the candidates should meet all the other eligibility the requirements for the post he is applying for.

I advise the candidates to do some special course in English which will be useful for them in obtaining a job.
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