What are the internship opportunities for mechanical engineering students in government organizations?

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 29 Aug 2023        
Though it has never been mandatory to go in for internships for the Mechanical Engineering students but availing of such opportunities would not be bad either.

The following are the Public Undertaking Organisations where they can approach personally for their internship programmes -
3) Hindustan Copper Limited
5) HAL
6) DVC
7) SAIL etc
The Public Undertakings as mentioned above could be the ideal destinations for the candidates for undertaking internships while doing their Mechanical Engineering especially when they are in their sixth semesters and onwards. They can approach the personal departments of these companies to help them in their internship assignments. The top executives of the public undertaking units are very cooperative in rendering their best assistance in terms of guidance and necessary help. However, the candidates should procure a written request of their principals indicating them to provide internship opportunities.

The aspirants would have enough opportunities to see the different departments of the plants such as the power- plants, production units containing numerous machines, cranes, conveyors, shafts where the Mechanical Engineers would know their working conditions and their maintenance needs of the different machines including the shutdowns. An internship program for a period of three month would help them to be acquainted with the job - profiles of the Mechanical Engineers. Such an exposure would strengthen their confidence to tackle crisis in the critical hours once they are entrusted to jobs.
They can even approach to the officials of the NITI Aayog. The Government of India had initiated an internship scheme in the year 2015 allowing the students of the different branches to be put to internship training. The candidates may approach the officials of this entity to ascertain whether they are qualified to apply for the internship scheme. In case, the aspirants get an offer for the internship, they would be surely be benefited.
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