What is collaborative learning and its benefits?

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Author: Chaitali Ray Chaudhuri (Datta)      Post Date: 24 Apr 2023        

What collaborative learning is

Two heads are better than one. Keeping this idea in mind researchers have found that when students read in a group, they can ask and share their thoughts to others which helps them to understand the subjects very effectively. Such a learning style is known as collaborative learning. It may be a study groups, writing group, discussion groups, project group, quiz group etc.

Benefits of collaborative learning

As I think, collaborative learning style will be beneficial for the students in following factors:
  1. Collaborative learning helps students to increase their habit to share their thoughts to others. In this way, their shyness to express their thoughts will be diminished.
  2. They will have a habit to learn from others' viewpoints.
  3. They will gain some knowledge about how to accept criticism when they are wrong. Additionally, they will also be aware how to correct themselves when they are wrong.
  4. They will be habituated to response correctly.
  5. Their confidence will grow effectively.
  6. Their leadership skill will be enhanced.
  7. They will make themselves a perfect listener.
  8. Their communication skills will be improved. They will be able to speak in front of audience without any hesitation. In short, they will become a good speaker.
  9. They will learn how to cooperate each other.
  10. As they will get friends during study, study will become a fun to them. They will try to be more engaged with tasks.
  11. Teaching skill will be generated among them.
  12. Their problem solving skills will also be improved.
  13. They will be able to showcase their creativity through each task.
  14. As it is a team work to handle any project in this learning method, it will create trust to each other. Their relationship will be stronger.
In this way both the institution and learners will be beneficial through collaborative learning method.
Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 25 Apr 2023        
Working together with others to accomplish shared learning objectives is a key component of the educational strategy known as collaborative learning. It enables people to participate in a group-based educational process where they can exchange concepts, ideas, and experiences with their peers. As a result, collaborative learning has a number of advantages, such as stronger social skills, higher academic performance, and improved critical thinking abilities.

I had the chance to engage in group learning with my peers while conducting my study. We were split up into groups, and each group was given a task to do. I was first a little concerned about working with others because I like to work alone. But as the project went along, I came to understand the many benefits of working with others.

Collaborative learning had the advantage of allowing me to learn from my peers' fresh viewpoints and thoughts. Each group member added to the project their particular skills and knowledge, which enhanced our work. Additionally, the group dynamic enabled us to brainstorm and solve problems together, which ultimately produced a final project that was more thorough and well-rounded.

Collaborative learning also enhanced my social and communication abilities, which was a benefit. I gained valuable communication skills through group discussions and exchanges, including how to listen and give people constructive criticism. These abilities are useful not only in a learning environment but also in business and in daily life.

In general, collaborative learning has shown me that working with others can be both enjoyable and advantageous. I was able to contribute to a great project conclusion while also learning new skills and viewpoints. Anyone reading this should think about including collaborative learning in their educational endeavours.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 25 Apr 2023        
I recently heard about the concept of Collaborative Learning. At first, I was very intimidated by this phenomenon as it felt like something entirely new and complicated. But upon learning more, I realized it was something I've been implementing since my childhood, and of course even yours too!

We have all seen instances of collaborative learning around us, for instance - group study, when you help your friend do an assignment, group projects and presentations, etcetera. In simple words, Collaborative learning is when students themselves help each other to learn. I personally feel that it will be more effective as students feel less pressured and more open when they are interacting with each other. Collaborative learning is great for building relationships as it is more of an interactive session. I think that all schools should provide enough time for collaborative learning sessions and this will improve the qualities of all the students as they will learn to impart qualities and knowledge from their friends and not just rely more on the teachers. This can also take a lot of pressure away from the teachers and help them take proper academic decisions.

Overall, I feel that collaborative learning is a good concept to implement in schools, as well as in our everyday life.
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