What is Data Science and its Career Scope?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 17 Aug 2023        
Data Science is studying the data available on a particular subject and analyzing the same and making some inferences and presenting the same to the board responsible for making decisions. When the technology was not developed collecting data itself was a time taking process. But now with the latest development in the field of computer technology and other related fields, data science is acquiring a very important place.

The various stages of data science are as follows.
1. Collection of Data- In this phase, the collection of data available in literature in various formats will be carried out.

2. Processing of Data- In this phase, the collected data will be arranged in a proper structure and then examine to see the suitability of the data for their requirement

3. Analysis of the data- Then the suitable data will be analysed. What are the patterns the data is taking and is there any trend etc will be studied?

4. Making a report and presenting the same to the decision-making people. The report will be made using graphs and charts etc.

A data scientist should have skills in mathematics, statistics and programming etc. They should have skills in making good reports. B Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science is becoming popular. There are many other courses also available to get the required skills in this Data science field. In my opinion, students having other qualifications can go for short-term certification courses in Data Science so that the chances of getting a job will enhance.

As there is cutthroat competition in every area of business, the need of having data and analyzing it is becoming very important and without these inputs taking decisions in the business is becoming difficult. Hence the need for qualified people in this field is increasing.

A person who is having expertise in Data Science will be hired by almost all business organisations to understand the market trends and change their business plans as per the need of the market. companies.

Various job titles that are being offered by various companies are
Data Scientist: These scientists will use their skills in mathematics, statistics, Programming etc to study the processed Data and help the organisations to make business strategies.

Data Engineer: The engineers will work more on maintaining the systems and data servers and help the scientists and analysts.

Data Analyst: The main function of a Data Analyst will be to analyse the processed data and help the seniors in coming to a meaningful decision.

Business Advisor: These people will study the reports made by the scientists and go for an in-depth study based on their experience and suggest the best possible actions to the top management.

Statistics officer: They are responsible to use various statistical methods to solve business issues. They study the data and unearth valuable information from the available data.

Instead of getting hired by a particular company, a person having enough experience in this field can take on projects that are being offered by various business houses and make the reports and submit them. In my opinion, it is like doing your own business and as the number of projects on hand increases, one can hire individuals to help him in executing the work obtained.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 19 Aug 2023        
What is Data Science?
Data Science is the details of the relevant data so that we can extract valuable information in the area of the business. In a nutshell, it is the fine blend of principles and practices from the different fields of Maths, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering to analyse large numbers of data. It calls for the analysis of gliding data over the internet through various data sets.

Career Scope-
1) Data Scientist- Since data science is the blend of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this may be treated as one of the trend skills in the emerging market. One can become a professional data scientist by enrolling oneself in the Data Science Course provided by one of the leading institutes covering the course.
2) Health Care & Pharmaceutical Industry- Data Science is extensively used in the health care & pharmaceutical industry for patient diagnostics, drug discovery, prediction of disease and personalised medicines.
3) Financial Service Sector- Data Science can help predict risk analysis, fraud detection and customer segmentation.
4) E-commerce and Retail companies- These companies apply Data Science for the purpose of customer analytics, demand & forecasts and inventory management.
5) Manufacturing & Industrial Automation- Data Science has penetrated to a great extent in the Industrial Automation Sector where Data Science is used for networking optimisation, customer churn prediction, targeted marketing and improving service quality.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 28 Aug 2023        
Data Science is a combination of various tools, machine learning principles, and algorithm with the aim to find the patterns from the raw data. Data science is a multidisciplinary field that strives to make sense of huge amounts of data. Through data science, we can gain new insights, unlock stories, and even anticipate what is next. Mostly, it helps us in making decisions. In other words "Data Science is the process of extracting insights from data".

Application of data science has been increasing day by day. The field of Data Science is one of the fastest growing in India. In recent years, there has been a surge in the amount of data available, and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to make use of this data. As a result, the demand for data scientists is increasing. Data Science is a new field which covers a wide range of topics, from machine learning and artificial intelligence to statistics and cloud computing. You can make career in different field. Here is the list of career scope:-
1.Business Intelligence Developer
2.Data Architect
3.Applications Architect
4.Infrastructure Architect
5.Enterprise Architect
6.Data Analyst
7.Data Scientist
8.Data Engineer
9.Machine Learning Scientist
10.Machine Learning Engineer
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