What is difference between percent and percentile?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 16 May 2023        
A percentage is a quantity which is mentioned out of a total of 100. For example, If a student scored 80 marks out of hundred, it will be mentioned that the student scored eighty per cent (80%). This symbol is used to say that the denominator is 100. The percentage can be written as fractions and decimals. For example, 75% is 75/100 or 3/4. This can also be expressed as 0.75. By using these percentages, we can compare the performance of individuals. A student who scored 80% is a better student than a student who scored 75%.

Percentile is the percentage of values found under specific values. This is generally used in calculating the ranks. For example, a student has the 70th percentile. That means the student scored better than 70% of the people who attended the examination.

With the above introduction, I mention some of the differences between these two below.

1. The percentage is a unit that shows the answer out of 100. Percentile is a
a value that tells about the values of the percentage below it is there.

2. The percentage will be shown with the symbol %. Percentile is shown as Xth.

3. A percentage can be shown as a ratio also but not a percentile.

4. Percentages can be written in the form of decimals but not percentiles
5. Percentage is a single case-wise representation. But percentile is a comparison of one unit with several other units.

6. Percentile is a normal distribution-dependent function but not the percentage.

7. Percentile will have quartiles but not percentages.
Author: Indu Singh      Post Date: 13 May 2023        
Percent and percentile are both measures of relative frequency, but they have different meanings and uses.

Percent is a unit of measurement that expresses a value as a fraction of 100. It is used to express the relative size of a part compared to the whole. For example, if a company's profit margin is 20%, it means that the company makes a profit of 20 cents for every dollar of sales.

Difference percent, on the other hand, is used to measure the change in value between two different values expressed as a percentage. It is calculated by subtracting the old value from the new value, dividing the result by the old value, and then multiplying the quotient by 100. For example, if a stock's price was $50 and it increased to $60, the difference percent would be (60-50)/50 x 100% = 20%.

Percentile is a measure that indicates the percentage of observations that fall below a certain value in a dataset. It is often used to describe the position of a value relative to other values in the dataset. For example, if a student scored in the 90th percentile on a test, it means that their score was higher than 90% of the other students who took the test.

To illustrate the difference between percent and percentile, consider a dataset of test scores for a class of 30 students. Suppose that the highest score in the class is 98 and the lowest score is 50. The difference percent between the highest and lowest scores is (98-50)/50 x 100% = 96%. This tells us how much the range of scores has increased from the lowest to the highest.

If we want to know the percentile of a student who scored 85 on the test, we can calculate it by determining how many students scored lower than 85 and dividing that number by the total number of students. Suppose that 22 students scored lower than 85. Then the percentile of the student who scored 85 is (22/30) x 100% = 73%. This tells us how well the student performed relative to their classmates.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 13 May 2023        
Percentage and percentile both are different. Percentage shows the individual score and percentile shows the relative score in comparison with others. Percentage is an arithmetic concept used to summarize and express data related to fractions and ratios. A percentage is understood as a number out of 100 and is important to standardize different amounts, brands, numbers, ratios, and proportions. The percentage can be written in fractions or decimals.
For example, explain the percentage of 5%. This is equivalent to the fraction 5/100.

Whereas, The percentile is understood as a statistical concept. Its value at or below which a certain distribution percentage falls. If an element is in the nth percentile, it implies that n% of the distribution is below that element. For example, if a student got 80th percentile on a test, it implies that 80% of the students scored below that student.

A percentage is a measurement tool that calculates numbers out of 100, whereas, the percentile is the percentage's mathematical value to determine the numerical value scored above or below a percentage.
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