What is the best strategy for cracking IAS?

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Author: Umesh      Post Date: 01 Apr 2023        
The IAS examination is the most coveted competitive examination in our country. Students who have completed their UG course can appear in this examination. Every year a large number of candidates attempt it which consists of a preliminary examination followed by main examination. The syllabus of IAS question papers is very vast and in addition to the compulsory papers the students have to choose the main subjects as per their choice which could be different or same as that of their UG course.

There are many coaching centres offline as well as online in our country which guide the students for IAS examination and some of them charge very high fees also. Many students who can afford that type of money go for it thinking that it will help them in qualifying in the examination. It does to a little extent but not in all cases.

Let us now see what should be the strategy of a candidate to qualify in IAS. This is a difficult question but if we consider the various elements required for qualifying in this most coveted examination then we will understand that more clearly. The first and foremost thing is that the candidates should be ready to do at least 7-8 hours study per day for a minimum of 1 to 2 years time period. Why I am telling 1-2 years is because many students do not qualify it in the first attempt and it is common that even after 3 attempts people are qualifying in it. Sustained hard work is the most important part of the strategy to crack IAS.

Another thing is one has to start preparation right from high school stage which means almost 4-5 years ahead. Many people might consider that too early but remember that IAS is such an exam that nothing is too early when it comes to preparing for that.

Next thing is keep a good mental and physical balance during the study period. When a student does such a hard work then it is obvious that situation of breakdown can also be encountered from time to time and if the student feels nervous then the studies would be affected. So keeping a strong mind is the basic need for this preparation.
Next point is that one has to compile information from different sources and keep it in self prepared precise and brief notes so that at the eleventh hour one can revise it.

Students who have good memory are generally benefited in examinations but those who have not got a memory like that have to concentrate and focus in studies more and more and that only can help in retaining the information, data, and points to be reproduced in any examination.

In IAS examination simply practising the answers to questions doesn't help because every year they change the questions in different ways and one has to first understand the question before giving an answer. Many students do not read the question properly and just think that it is the same old question and reply it wrongly in haste and that is what affects the score. So we must read the question slowly and repeatedly as what it is actually asking.
A student who wants to succeed in this examination has to draw one's own strategy keeping all the above points in mind
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 02 Apr 2023        
IAS is considered one of the most prestigious posts in India. This examination is conducted by UPSC but very few people can ace it because of the difficulty of the examination, the vastness of the syllabus and improper planning.
Most people consider that a candidate must study 16-18 hours to ace this examination. It is somewhat true but with proper planning, this time can be reduced. It is rightly said that, if you fails to plan then you are planning to fail.
The examination is conducted in two parts, i.e. one is the preliminary examination which is conducted in MCQ based pattern and the next one is the main examination which covers different papers, including optional papers. A separate strategy should be made for the preliminary examination as well as the main examination. Finally, a personal interview shall be conducted.

To crack this exam starting preparation very early is the main step. It reduces the main stress and also gives time for multiple revisions to memorize the vast topics. Studying consistently from graduation can also reduce study hours in a single day.

Candidates preparing for the preliminary examination shall also simultaneously cover the topics of the main examination because the gap between the result of preliminary education and the main examination is very less.
Try to give as many mock test papers as you can. But these should be time bound and even try to attempt even in less time which boosts your confidence. Read a newspaper daily to hold a grip on some current topics which also helps in a personal interview. Also, work on your presentation skills and writing should be legible.
Author: Athulia Gahanan      Post Date: 10 Apr 2023        
From my own experience, I can confidently say that the best strategy for cracking IAS is to have a clear understanding of the syllabus, focus on the fundamentals, practice regularly and be consistent in your studies. Start by breaking the syllabus into smaller and achievable goals, setting realistic timelines and sticking to them. Additionally, it is important to take mock tests and solve previous year's papers to get an idea of the pattern and difficulty level. Lastly, I would suggest staying motivated and being positive throughout the preparation journey.
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