What is the career scope for MBA in Finance

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Author: Umesh      Post Date: 30 Jun 2023        
MBA in Finance is one of the most sought-after specializations. The main reason for that is the expected scope of this particular stream.

Finance plays a big role in every organization. It is said that if the financial management of a company is properly done then the bottom line of the company accounts will look up. The persons working in the finance department of a company have to be very analytical in their approach and should perceive everything in terms of numbers. Any scheme or project is of no value if it cannot bring in revenues resulting in profits for a company and the financial analyst has to foresee it through his financial knowledge and awareness about all unexpected twists and turns in the business.

MBA in Finance course inculcates the subtleties of financial analysis and control of the money flow process in an organization. Management requires persons for financial control and monitoring in their companies. An MBA in Finance fills that position nicely.

During the MBA Finance course, the students are taught topics like Business Communication,
Business Statistics,
Organizational Behavior, Emerging Technology and its Impact on the Future of Business, Consumer
Operations Management,
Analysis of Financial Management, Artificial Intelligence in Business, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Management, Financial Management and Valuation, Digital Finance, Global Economics, Principles of Financial Regulation, Financial Information Systems, Marketing Management, Design Thinking, Data Protection, and Competition,
Financial Criminology,
Business, society & Government,
Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation,
Behavioural Finance,
Data Visualization in Finance, International Business & Finance,
Managing FinTech Ecosystems, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),
Business Bankruptcy,
Financial Statement Analysis, Taxation,
Business Simulation,
Digital Fraud & Risk Analytics,
Creating Financial Stability & Resilience,
Stock Market Analysis,
Different financial instruments with Futures and options,
Market trading and volatility, and
Investment Banking.

After learning the above modules a student can prepare oneself to work in the finance wing of any industrial house where such skills are practically used.

Some of the prominent positions where an MBA finance fits well are -

1. Investment Banker - An investment manager is a financial manager looking after the tasks of acquisitions & mergers wherever feasible, making investments, trading in financial products, and all other investment-related matters of a company. It is a challenging position but an MBA Finance person can cope with that easily.

2. Accounting Manager - An accounting manager is the most important person in the organization as one has to look after all the flow of money in various activities of the organization. For an MBA Finance person, it would be an interesting work.

3. Financial Analyst - In the present business environment where there are dynamic changes taking place quickly in the industries the position of Financial Analyst is a very crucial one. He has to oversee the company's financial position critically and help management to formulate future strategies.

4. Credit Manager - This is an area where an MBA Finance person can function holistically for creating and monitoring credit models for the company's working. He will focus on loans, interest rates, etc, and ascertain the optimum capital requirement and other things for the smooth operation of the company.

5. Asset Manager - Companies acquire assets for long-term operations. These cost huge amounts of money and Asset Managers find out the viability of these acquisitions and also look for alternative routes for the company's operations.

6. Insurance and Risk Manager - A company has to take certain risks in connection with its business and its expansion. All risks have an associated financial element. The insurance and risk manager studies the necessary alternatives and decides the path of action.

7. Corporate Controller - There are a large number of financial transactions in a company and a financial controller monitors them and keeps a tab on trends and patterns where corrective actions are required to contain the money flow. This is a crucial job in an organization and a MBA Finance person can aspire for such a coveted position.

8. Financial Consultant - Financial Consultants have a very wide knowledge and overview of the industry and they can advise their clients on various financial matters. This is a lucrative job but requires a lot of consideration before advising the best course of action to the client.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 28 Jun 2023        
MBA in Finance is one of the most popular choices for students. A large mass of students from commerce, as well as science fields and even candidates from IITs, opt for MBA Finance. This is only because of the lucrative career options, prestige and packages offered. MBA in Finance opens up the door for various paths, only you need to have the right skills and if you have done it from Tier-1 or Tier-2 college then it would add icing on the cake. Here are some opportunities I am listing for the MBA in Finance:

  • Investment Banks:Banking industry always pays good and offers reputable position. Investment bankers are much needed in this rapidly growing economy. Investment bankers play a good role in financial consultancy, assisting in M&A and various other roles. The average fresher package in this field is approximately 12-15 LPA and it comes with various incentives and variable options based on deals you help to crack.

  • Venture Capitalist:Entering into VC firms is quite difficult but if you can then it can pay you very well. VC funds help startups or small firms to grow in the form of financing or managerial experience and exchange they got some stakes in it. Candidates in this field need to have strong analytical and projection skills because they have to project the future growth of a particular entity at the current moment. If you enter into VC then as a fresher you can grab a package of 20-25 LPA plus variables.

  • Private Equities:Very few candidates can enter into these but it is a dream for many. Private equity work into small teams, with the best candidates in this field. These candidates should have good communication, analytical and thinking skills. Generally, PE focuses on entities going down phase, acquires them, makes some strategic changes and finally when profits start to boost sells them off. Work is quite hectic but it can pay you the best in this field. You can earn an average package of 50-60 LPA at the beginning stage.

  • Equity Research:You can become an equity research analyst. These generally do SWOT analysis of different companies in the area of respective industrial expertise they have and provides recommendation on their stocks. You can get an average package of 8-10 LPA.

  • Corporate Finance:Mostly big corporates and even the small ones need these candidates. Finance is the lifeblood of every business and it should be properly planned, budgeted and forecasted. So, if you want to be in industry rather than consultancy firms you can join some company in this role.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 28 Jun 2023        
MBA Finance is a very popular course among young people who aspire to occupy higher positions in various industries. Many engineers and Science Post Graduates will also opt for this course expecting a bright career.

The value of an MBA Finance degree or any other specialisation depends on the institute from which the candidate did his MBA. MBA from IIMs and business schools will be very valuable and opportunities for very good positions with higher salaries exist. Doing MBA from a normal college may not be much valuable.

There are many opportunities for MBA finance persons. Some such opportunities are mentioned below.

1. There will be many openings in the banking sector where money management is very important. There will be different positions in these banks starting from a Manager Post to CEO. It all depends on the experience and qualifications of the person. The initial posting for an MBA candidate will be a Manager and will have scope for promotions to higher levels based on experience. Government banks as well as private banks will have openings for MBA finance candidates.

2. There are many Non-Banking Financial companies. They also deal with money and require qualified finance executives for their operations. The salary and the perks offered by these NBFCs vary from company to company based on their size of operations.

3. After completing MBA, if interested, the candidates can join a teaching position to teach finance to graduates and Postgraduate students. If a candidate is interested in teaching, it is advisable to register for PhD so that getting a teaching job will be easy with a PhD qualification. Starting a career as Assistant Professor can get a promotion to Associate Professor and then to Professor.

4. Stock trading has become a very popular way of earning money. Many people do trading. Such people may be looking for suggestions from financial experts before they invest. As a financial expert, an MBA candidate can be a financial adviser and can earn by offering services to people seeking advice.

5. There are many organisations in the government sector as well as the Private sector. All these will have their own finance departments and to look after those departments they may require finance professionals. They will have financial experts in various positions starting from Manager to Chief Finace officer.

6. Any business house will have to manage their finance and do business for a profit. So they will be appointing finance personnel to manage their funds and MBS candidates can get good opportunities in those organisations also.

Immediately after completing MBA, one may not occupy the top post but may join the organisation as a Management trainee and after completing the training based on the worth of the candidate can be promoted to higher positions. I advise the candidates to start their career in a good company so that career progress will be good for candidates who work in reputed companies.
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