What is the general admission procedure in nursing schools?

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Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 01 Apr 2023        
My study indicates that the application process for nursing schools can differ depending on the particular institution and program. Nonetheless, the following steps are usually followed as the admission procedures to get into a nursing school:

Meet the requirements for qualifying for A high school diploma or its equivalent, as well as specific prerequisite courses like biology, chemistry, and maths, which are often requirements for admission to nursing schools.
Application submission: Typically, applicants must submit an application form along with transcripts, test results, and other necessary documentation.

Take entrance exams: TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) or HESI (Health Education Systems, Inc.) exams are two common entrance exams that nursing schools require of prospective students.
Attend an interview: As part of the admissions process, certain nursing programs may ask applicants to attend an interview.

Pass a background investigation and drug test: Several nursing programs demand that applicants pass a background investigation and drug test.

After the application and admissions procedure is over, candidates will be informed of their admission status to the nursing program.

The admissions process can differ depending on the particular nursing school and program, it is crucial to know. I advise you that you research the admission standards and procedures for each institution your cousin is considering, and get in touch with the admissions office if you have any questions.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 06 Apr 2023        
I was always scared of Doctors and felt more comfortable around Nurses. Being a Malayali, I've only heard of the job opportunities for nurses in Dubai and other UAE countries. Recently I met one of my schoolmates, Shekar and he told me that he was studying to become a doctor. He studied in my same school but graduated in Bio-Maths in 12th grade. After graduation, he applied for NEET UG and wrote the exam to pass with good enough marks to get into a government nursing college. A good factor about government nursing colleges is the affordable fee as well as reputed professors.

However, upon further research and information from my friend, the process of getting admission to a nursing school varies from state to state in India, and course to course as well. Some universities even conduct their own entrance tests. In Kerala, for example, the admission procedures are overlooked by organizations such as LBSCST and DME, who release official news regarding the same.
Therefore, I would advise the student to keep in check with the official websites and stay up to date on the various courses and university websites they prefer to get into. I wish you all the best in your admissions and courses!
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