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Author: Vandana      Post Date: 05 May 2023        
Just last month my friend informed me that his son is going to study abroad at Fanshawe College in Canada. My curiosity was piqued, so I looked up the details of this college and was pleasantly surprised to know that this community college is a popular one for international students. The programs offered at Fanshawe College include those in the disciplines of technology, business management, hospitality, animation, film-making, healthcare, etc. Scholarships are offered based on various parameters, such as your skills, community work if any, and, naturally, the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Why Fanshawe College is popular: Although the college ranking in the QS World Ranking may not be anything that spectacular (#1337 in 2022), nevertheless its various programs are much sought after. In addition to degree, diploma, and certificate programs, you can also enroll in apprenticeship programs and those that give you skills in various trades such as carpentry, agricultural equipment, automobiles, etc.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Fanshawe College is its affordable fees which include a health insurance plan, spectacular campus infrastructure, and some courses that even allow you to work alongside studying. Best of all, a really good number of alumni are able to get employment within a few months of successfully completing their program. No, they don't have any direct campus placement, but they do offer support through career services. That is, you can attend career guidance workshops, seek consulting and mentoring for finding a job and preparing for interviews, etc.

Fanshawe College Ontario Campus

Earlier I had mentioned a spectacular campus, and I don't mean only in the photogenic sense due to the splendid buildings and beautiful gardens. The Fanshawe College campus in Ontario is wholly self-sufficient, fulfilling every requirement that a student would need. In addition to on-campus accommodation, there are retail stores and cafeterias. Restaurants are aplenty, offering a wide range of global cuisines. There are also sports and recreational facilities, a gym, a medical centre and counselling services.

For Fanshawe College Ontario student accommodation on campus, you can opt for a furnished air-conditioned room (it also has a heater) that is shared between four students in the apartment-style building. The other option is a unit in the townhouse-style residence that is shared between six students. Laundry services, as well as water and electricity bills, are covered so you don't have to pay for these. What you do have to pay for is the meal plan. In case you choose not to stay on campus and would prefer to stay elsewhere, you will get assistance with locating a rental, which is all the easier due to the collaboration with the Canada Homestay network.

Fanshawe College Admissions

The application procedure for admission to any program at Fanshawe College is as simple as A, B, C. Once you are sure that you fulfill all the eligibility norms of the program to which you are seeking admission, just complete the online application process, uploading the necessary documents. In addition to academic transcripts, you must also upload proof of English language proficiency, namely IELTS, TOEFL, etc if applicable. You can upload other relevant documents, such as those of sports or other achievements and awards. Then pay the application fee for the program online, Once you get the offer letter of admission, you can pay the tuition fee deposit, the rest of the fees as applicable, and also apply for a study permit.

So, from all that I have read about Fanshawe College, including firsthand reviews of current students and alumni, the impression is that it is worth studying here. You can consider booking a tour of the campus through their online booking application form. The tour guide will provide information not just about the campus during your personal visit, but also get your doubts clarified about your academic program of interest.

An interesting fact- Fanshawe is derived from the words 'fane' and 'shaws, which mean "temple in the woods". It seems this name was considered apt for the college since it is a hub of learning within the city of London, Ontario which is locally known as the Forest City.

Want to know more? You can have a live chat or send a query through the contact us page at the official website of Fanshawe College - https://www.fanshawec.ca/
Fanshawe College Campus address- 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. London, Ontario Canada N5Y 5R6.

Fanshawe College Toronto: Fanshawe College also now has a campus in downtown Toronto, having entered into a collaboration with ILAC International College (ILAC stands for International Language Academy of Canada), a private career college. The campus in Toronto is a small one but has all the required infrastructure and facilities. Accommodation options for students at Fanshawe College, Toronto are many. These include a single room with a shared or a private bathroom, and shared bedrooms with shared bathrooms. These are located in various neighbourhoods and fit into a wide range of budgets. You can also opt to stay with a local family in a homestay.

Their campus address in Toronto- 920 Yonge St., 4th Floor, Toronto, ON CANADA M4W 3C7 (please confirm the campus address, as there were plans to shift to the Bay Street area). You can check the programs offered there at https://www.fanshawec.ca/why-fanshawe/campuses/toronto#
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 04 May 2023        
Fanshawe College, Toronto Campus, Canada is a well-known and popular college imparting post-secondary education. It is having a partnership with ILAC International College is a private college that is one of the most famous international schools in the world. Through this partnership, international students can take advantage of Fanshawe's high-quality courses and study in downtown Toronto. Incidentally, Toronto is a safe place to dwell and one also gets exposed to a multicultural society.

The college is having a dedicated international student support department to cater to the educational needs of students coming from a large number of countries. This department helps the student in getting placements also and that is one known fact that attracts a large number of students here.

The other campuses are London, London Downtown, London South, St. Thomas/Elgin in Southwestern Ontario, and Simcoe/Norfolk in Ireland.

Fanshawe College offers a lot of courses to the students and some of their top courses are - Addictions and Mental Health, Developmental Services Worker, Gerontology - Interprofessional Practice, Hospitality & Tourism Operation Management, Palliative Care, etc.

A student planning to apply for admission here can go through the offered courses and select the desired one before deciding to acquire an education in this reputed institution.
Author: Dinesh Sood      Post Date: 04 May 2023        
My son is studying at Fanshawe College, Toronto campus and his second semester is not finished yet. He is doing a diploma in Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Services Management (Co-op) in the Toronto campus.

According to his views, Fanshawe College provides quality education, quality staff, and a good atmosphere. It can be a good University or similar to a University. Everyone can enjoy the study at Fanshawe College and choose the course according to their interest.

Bus stops and other transportation facilities are also available as Toronto is the best city in Canada. My son is living in Brampton and doing his studies in Toronto.

In summary, Fanshawe College is one of the best colleges in Canada having campuses in London and Toronto.
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