What kind questions will I be asked by a company in MBA placement interviews?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 14 Jul 2023        
When company officials interview a candidate for giving employment in their company, their main focus will be on the capability of the person in the field of his work. For this, they may ask some questions which will reveal to them your expertise in the basics of the subject.

Your presentation skills, your body language and your alertness also will be tested with their questions.

There may be some focus on the internship you did while pursuing the course. Some interviewers will ask some minor details about your family also. Some questions will be on your ability to take decisions also.

Whatever may be the question be confident while answering. It is better not to do any guesswork in answering subject-related questions. There may be some general questions which will not have any right or wrong answers.

I conducted some interviews in some MBA colleges for appointing them to the company I was working for. Some of the questions our team asked in the interview are

1. How your MBA study helped you to change your thinking? Please explain with one or two examples.

2. What are your career aspirations?

3. The government of India is encouraging start-ups and what are your views on this? Given an opportunity are you ready to go for a start-up company with a few more partners?

4. How your MBA degree will help the company to progress?

5. Are you having any specific area of interest if yes, why?
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 09 Jul 2023        
Companies can/ will ask a wide range of questions during MBA placement interviews to assess your skills, knowledge and to check whether you are fit for the role. Here are some common types of questions that could be asked in MBA placement interviews:

  1. Personal questions
    • Tell us about yourself.
    • Why did you choose to pursue an MBA?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • How do you handle stress?
    • What are your career goals?

  2. Behavioural questions
    • Describe a situation where you had to make a tough decision.
    • Share an example of a time when you showcased your leadership skills.
    • Tell about a situation where you had to resolve a conflict.
    • Share an example of a time when you worked effectively in a team.

  3. Technical questions
    • Explain a marketing strategy that you would use for a specific product.
    • How do you evaluate the financial health of a company?
    • What are some of the recent developments in the business world?
    • What is your understanding of industry trends?

  4. Case study questions
    • Suggest potential solutions for this hypothetical business scenario.
    • Which factors will you consider to evaluate an investment opportunity?
    • How will you prioritize different projects when you have limited resources?
    • How will you approach a business challenge?

  5. Company-specific questions
    • What do you know about our company?
    • How do you think our company reaches a better market position?
    • What do you know about our competitors?
    • Why are you interested in working in our company?
It is recommended to prepare thoroughly by practicing answering these types of questions, doing research about the company, and being enthusiastic during the interview.
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