What precautions to be taken if any student loose his attention in studies?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 30 Apr 2023        
There may be many reasons for this. Losing attention may be a temporary issue or it may be a permanent issue. Coordination between the parents and the teachers is required to solve this problem. Following are some of the precautions, I suggest. These are arrived out of my personal experience:

1. Know the interest of the student: When there is no interest in the subject that is being studied or taught, the student may lose interest. When we go to a movie, if the storyline is interesting for us and if the presentation is also liked by us, we will get immersed in the movie and will never get distracted. The same is the case here also. The candidate should have an interest in the subject that is being studied.

The responsibility of the parents and teachers is to see that the student will be allowed to join the course to the student's liking more than the liking of the parents or teachers. I have seen many parents who force their children to select courses that are being liked by them and they never even ask the child about his/ her interest. That may make the child lose interest in the studies.

I and my wife are interested in music. So we admitted our elder son to music tuition. We tried our best but my son has never shown any interest. Then we discontinued sending him to music classes. Then onwards he excelled in his studies and stood first in SSC in his school.

2. Purpose of the teaching: A teacher should understand that the purpose of his teaching is to make the student understand the subject well. So the teacher should make his teaching plan in such a way that the students will get interested in that subject. The teacher should start from the point where the student got distracted and build further so that the candidate will raise back.

3. Mood of the student: Another aspect to be understood by the teacher is the mood of the student. If a student is not attentive, the teacher should see that the student will become active again. Even the teacher can think of bringing some humour into the teachings so that the mind of the student will get relaxed for some time and become active again.

4, Appreciation: A teacher should never ignore the questions of the student. Enough attention should be given to clear the doubts of the students and see that their confidence levels will go up. A student doing good should be recognised and a pat on his back by the teacher in the presence of other students makes other students also think of concentrating on their studies.

A teacher should understand the positives of the student and see that he will improve further in that line. That will make the student become active.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 30 Apr 2023        
When a student loses his or her interest in the studies then it is a serious matter. There could be several reasons for that and if we can identify the exact reason then it would be easier to take appropriate precautions and remedial measures.

Let us go through the different situations and possible precautions to avoid or mitigate that situations.

Sometimes some students fall into bad company and their mind is diverted to evil activities. Some of them even become addicted to drugs and other such addictions. In such a case even psychological counseling might be required for getting them out of that situation. Further, the student will have to be shifted to some other place for studies so that he does not again get trapped in that bad company.

The second point is that the family atmosphere of some students is not conducive to studies and parents never talk about it. They simply feel that it is the responsibility of the schools or colleges to teach their children and that is all. In such a situation the student finds that there is no one to check him in the house whether he is doing his homework and other preparation or not. Slowly he becomes lazy and drifts away from his studies. Here the role of parents is very crucial and they have to take interest in what the child is doing.

Another point is that some students are not so intelligent and have a mediocre grasp of the mind and they do not grasp things in the classroom. They do not share it with their parents also and if the parents are not alert then these students also start losing interest in their studies. The solution to this problem is that students of this type require individualized tuition or coaching so that they could grasp what they could not in the classroom.
Author: Geeta      Post Date: 30 Apr 2023        
As a teacher, there are several precautions we can take for this issue. Here are my opinions with a few examples:

Identify the root cause: Identifying the root cause for this issue is important. Difficulty in understanding, boredom, and peer pressure are a few things we have to look into it. To address above all we must find the root cause.

Modify the teaching approach: Teachers must identify the learning styles of students and go ahead accordingly. For instance, some students learn better through visual aids, while others may prefer hands-on activities. By adapting to their learning style, the student is more likely to maintain their attention.

Provide positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is a great tool to encourage them. Praising them for their efforts, acknowledging their achievements, and providing incentives for good performance can all serve as positive reinforcement.

Encourage breaks and physical activity: Sitting for long hours can lead to restlessness and lack of attention. Encouraging short breaks and physical activity can help the student rejuvenate their energy and maintain their focus.

Create a conducive learning environment: The learning environment plays a vital role. To improve students' learning aspect we can create a great learning support and environment.

Hence, by taking these precautions and following the above tips, teachers can help students who are struggling with maintaining their attention in their studies. By providing a supportive and conducive learning environment, teachers can encourage students to develop a love for learning and achieve their full potential.
Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala      Post Date: 04 May 2023        


Every student is unique. It is the biggest disadvantage of our education system that we follow the same method to teach every student after knowing that every student is unique. So, this method is not interesting for every student. Some students enjoy the study but some students do not concentrate on studies.

Precautions which should be taken

As I have mentioned, every student is unique and one method cannot be applied to all students. If you observe that a student is losing attention in his studies, please follow the following precautions:

  • If you are a teacher, then you would be able to find out whether the student is concentrating in the class or not. If you observe that the student is losing his concntration

  • Parents should observe the student and find out his interest, skills and aptitude.

  • Try to consult a counsellor to counsel him. It would really help the student.

  • Excercise and meditation will help the student to concentrate and focus. So, make it a routine to exercise and meditate daily.

  • Try to know the interest of the students and prepare the lecture accordingly.

  • If possible, conduct the remedial classes for such types of students.

  • Experimetial learning is the most effective way for such types of students.
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