What questions will be asked in an interview for MBA admissions and how to prepare for it?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 10 Jul 2023        
The questions that are asked will cover general questions, questions that give them an idea about your behaviour, and situational questions also. Some questions they may ask will never have a wrong answer. But they see how you present your answer and your body language also. Answering the questions precisely may not be the only thing they are looking for. How you are modulating your choice while answering and what are the feelings on your face while answering may also make a point for the people interviewing you.

The questions may be of a very general type, like- Why do you want to do MBA? Why do you opt for our institute? How do you know about the institute?

There may be some questions that are arising from your resume you have submitted to the institute while you are applying for the course. What is the best achievement you have made so far in your life? How are you planning to use MBA for your career development? Are you ready to change yourself if the situation demands you for achieving your career goals? These are some of the typical questions you may have to answer in the interview.

Sometimes they may ask you about the bitter moments you have faced in your life and how you managed to come out of that situations, when the manager is tough what are the methods you are going to adopt for achieving your goals, how you maintain your relations with seniors, colleagues and juniors in the workplace are some questions you may place.

Sometimes you may be asked to tell a brief about you also. While answering, the candidate should be confident and at the same time very polite also. One should answer the questions as if they are answering extempore. Be precise and use proper wording. Try to highlight your positive points while answering the questions and never talk in such a way that you are expecting a favour from them. Before going to the interview you should collect all the details about the institute and use that information positively while answering.

Some simple questions related to the subjects you have studied also may be there. There will be some silent observers also on the board to know about your psychology etc. Be attentive and answer questions with proper wording and spacing while you answer.

Sometimes, some people on the interview board may ask whether you have any questions you want to ask them. Use such occasions positively to get an impression from them that you are really interested in joining the institute.
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