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What to do about Pesticides in natural food?

Food poisoning due to the overuse of chemicals, pesticides and preservatives in food materials is a recurrent problem nowadays. It is mostly seen in fruits, vegetables and grains. How do such chemicals reach natural food? What are its ill effects? Which type of food contains more toxics? What are the home remedies and technique to avoid food poisoning via chemicals? Read this article to know more.

What to do if water spills on keyboard or laptop ?

The following article describes some steps in which you can know how to help your keyboard in a liquid spill scenario. Happens to everybody and hence quite an essential topic. Also described are some preventive measure to help you avoid the same.

What to do after getting Google AdSense approval

How to create Google channels? What should I do to prevent my Google AdSense account from getting disabled? This article answers these queries by giving information on how to track Google AdSense earnings and where to learn about Google AdSense program policies.

What to do when you are bored?

Getting bored is a common things. We normally get bored when there is a powercut, when our dear friend is on leave and no one is there to speak anything, when server is down at your work place, when want to leave the routine things what we normaly do, when wife/husband is not at station. But this may drive you nuts sometimes. Here are some easy ways to overcome this.

What To Do When Adsense PIN Not Recieved

This article provide complete solution for those who didn't receive their Adsense PIN. Read it carefully if you are waiting for your Adsense PIN. Google itself says South Asians are not getting their PIN on time so no need to worry about it as you are not the only person who is facing this problem.

What to do after Class 10th (Class X)?

The result of 10th class is not yet declared. Nowadays the schools are teaching students how to choose best subject after 10th class. Students should take proper attention while selecting the subjects or stream after 10th. This article will help all the students to decide that they should enter into which stream after class X. Also, some important factors while selecting subjects after Class 10th (Class X) or Class 12th (Class XII)

What To Do When Your Child Flunks In The Exam

Parents worry a lot when the child scores low marks or fails in the exam. But they forget that they can do many useful activities apart from worrying. Worrying does not bring any but creates restlessness.

What To Do If Police Refuse To Enter Your FIR?

Sometimes police refuses to enter your complaint in FIR and you have to face any problems for this. This article will tell you that what should be done if police refuse to enter your FIR and what are your rights to enter FIR.

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