What to do after M.A. in Psychology?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 14 Jun 2023        
Psychology is a subject that deals with human behaviour. The experts in the field of psychology can understand much better the emotions, behaviour and psychology of people. They can study the behaviour of other people and can suggest ways and means to change them as required. They are not medical doctors but can effectively advice other people on how to control their behaviour and emotions.

Psychology is an art as well as a science. Understanding the psychology of other people and suggesting to them how one should behave in different conditions and with different people are the main traits of a psychologist.

A Post graduate in Psychology can pursue further studies or can go for a job. Various options that are available for a Postgraduate in this subject are as follows:

1. A postgraduate in Psychology can go for a PhD in the subject. After completing the PhD, he/ she can go for a lecturer post in any college or university or Institute. As he/she gets experience he/ she may get promotions as Associate Professor and Professor.

2. After completing MA, the candidate can go for B.Ed. That will give them a chance to become TGT or PGT in government or Private schools.
3. After completing MA, the candidate can think of doing MBA in HR. Once the student finishes their MBA, plenty of options will be available for a great career. Human Resources play a very important role in almost all organisations. Controlling human resources is a specialised subject and Psychologists can do it in a better way. That is why many big organisations and MNCs appoint Psychology students with MBAs as HR managers in their organisations.

4. Even without MBA, many organisations employ MA Psychology graduates in their HR departments in different roles and based on their experience and performance very good pay and perks will be offered to them.

5. Many industries appoint MA psychology graduates in their training departments also and they will be used to give training to their workforce. These training courses will touch upon the behavioural aspects of the employees and try to utilise them for the advantage of the company as well as for the personal advantage also. I have seen some organisations where these psychologists will interact with individual employees and advice the management about the areas where each employee may work effectively. These pieces of training will be useful in motivating people. Productivity may also increase and the attrition rate may become low. We have arranged such training programmes in our organisations and we have seen changes in the workmen.

6. The need for Psychologists is there in many places like schools, hospitals, industries and even industrial establishments for counselling jobs.

7. MA Psychology candidates can get appointed as Junior lecturers and demonstrators in junior colleges in some states to teach intermediate students

As such Psychology candidates will have multiple options. I advise them to take a career path based on their interest.
Author: Partha K.      Post Date: 26 Jun 2023        
I am trying to address the issue in Indian context.

Completing a Masters degree in Psychology in India can open up a range of career prospects for individuals. Here are some potential avenues to explore by students in India:

Clinical Psychologist: With an M.A. in Psychology, a student can pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat individuals with mental health issues. Clinical Psychologists work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and private practices.

Counseling Psychologist: As a counseling psychologist, a student can provide guidance and support to individuals dealing with personal, emotional, or career-related challenges.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: This field focuses on applying psychological principles to the workplace. Industrial-organizational psychologists are involved in areas such as employee selection, training, performance evaluation, and organizational development. etc.

Academic/Researcher: An M.A. in Psychology can go for a career in academia or research. after pursuing Ph.D.

School Psychologist: School psychologists work in educational settings and provide support to students, teachers, and parents. They assess students' learning and behavioral difficulties, develop intervention plans, and collaborate with teachers to enhance students' well-being and academic success.

Rehabilitation Counselor: Rehabilitation counselors assist individuals with disabilities or impairments in overcoming barriers to employment and independent living. They assess clients' needs, provide counseling, and help them develop skills for personal and vocational rehabilitation.

Forensic Psychologist: Forensic psychologists apply psychological principles to the legal and criminal justice system. They assist in criminal investigations and also assess and treat offenders.

In this regard, it is relevant to state that pursuing additional certifications or specializations in specific branches of psychology can further enhance career prospects. Overall, the field of psychology offers diverse career paths in India.
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