What to do if your child is not willing to be a doctor or an engineer?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 20 May 2023        
It is a wrong notion In our country that only engineering and medicine are the best courses for a student to study. But I say it is the wrong opinion. There are many other fields to pursue. In my opinion, any field is good if the individual is really interested in that field and if concentrates on pursuing the subject with 100% focus on learning.

There are many other areas to study and have an encouraging career.

The following are some of the options which I will try to put before my child if he/she is not having an interest in BE or MBBS. I will never force him/ her to join in a particular field.

1. A graduation and post-graduation in any science subject. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and many more subjects are there. If the student is showing good progress and if he is having interest PhD can also be pursued.

2. There are many arts and commerce subjects also.

3. After completing graduation, there are many institutes that offer Management courses which are very good to have a promising career.

4. CA, ICWA, LLB, Fine Arts and many more subjects are there which can be pursued after completing their 12th class or under graduation.

5. There are many courses in Journalism which are very promising in the present-day situation.

6. After completing the degree course B.Ed is also a good option.

So if my child is not willing to join BE or B Tech, I will tell them the above options and as an immediate step, I will ask him to select any one-degree course with the options he/ she likes. While studying the course, they will have a better understanding of the prospectus and they themselves can decide their future course of action.

I want to just mention an example which I experienced. One of my close relative's sons has not shown any interest in MP or BiP in Intermediate. But his mother forced him to join the intermediate with the MP group. But the student never showed any interest in the subjects and failed in the 1st year of Intermediate. Then the student's mother recognised the issue and changed him to an art group and he did well but lost one year in this bargain. Later the student completed BA LLB and now he is a junior lawyer under a senior lawyer in Hyderabad.

Another example is my own sister's daughter. She was admitted to Intermediate with MP against her interest and protest. Her grandfather forced her. But she passed intermediate with just 50% and then joined BBA. In that course, she did well and stood first in the college,

I advise parents to encourage their children to pursue the areas in which they are interested. Some children may not be good in studies but they may have an excellent talent in extra circular activities. Parents should encourage them to pursue those activities. We all should remember that there are many more professions in this world to pursue.

The interest of the child is of paramount importance than any other point.
Author: Nidhi      Post Date: 22 May 2023        
We can't deny that as a parent, we constantly worry about our child's future. In fact it is the duty and responsibility of every parent to give their best advice and put their appropriate efforts into the better upbringing of their young person.

But here is the sour side of many faces i.e. real society. As soon as an offspring opens his eyes in the real world, the parent's expectations also open their wings. Knowingly or unknowingly willingly or unwillingly our first and foremost desire is that our child could be another 'Aryabhata' or another 'Kalpana 'Chawla'. But Amitabh Bachchan is Amitabh Bachchan, not Aryabhata and Lata Mangeshkar is Lata Mangeshkar, not Kalpana Chawla.

The movie '3 Idiots' was released in the year 2009. And I am sure most of my readers would have seen that movie. Recall the lesson of that movie. If you are also facing a dilemma for your child's future and career, you strictly need to read this page carefully.

Possibly, you are reading this because your child is not a maths or science scorer and you tremendously want him to be a doctor or engineer. I am giving you a scenario. Read the example carefully and indulge yourself completely in the imagination. Your child has started struggling with subjects beyond his liking and chooses the stream 'medical' or 'non-medical'. 90% chances are that-
  • Your child might go into depression.
  • He might commit suicide because he could not handle the pressure of all the things going into his life.
  • He might score poor marks even after providing him with the best coaching classes.
  • If you are planning to admit him on the basis of donation etc, then he may suffer from this guilt throughout his lifetime.
  • Your child might get admission on the basis of donation, but this will not be an end of the problem. Rather more complex situations will take place in this life like the pressure of exams, cheating during exams, and other malpractices.

C'mon, parents! Grow up! Raise your mindset and come out of the conservative mentality of past centuries. The world is full of tremendous as well as diversified opportunities for people with interests in various streams. Stop thinking that only doctors and engineers earn names, fame, and money. Your child just needs to give his 100% into his studies and his profession with full zeal. So let your child achieve their dreams and let him raise what he wants. He can be a successful chef, writer, dancer, singer, editor, actor, model, graphic designer, journalist, audiologist, food technician, wedding consultant, fashion designer, interior designer, or any other profession in the field of his liking. You just need to give your complete support to your child and he/ she will undoubtedly make you feel proud.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 21 May 2023        
It has been seen that generally, most parents want their child to take science after 10th and aspire to make them doctor or engineer. Although they are not wrong as it could be either due to the generation gap or every parent wanting a bright future for their child, in my opinion, every child is different and if he or she is allowed to pursue their dream then they can do much better in their respective field. None of the career options is bad but to summarize things let us consider some of the career options which you can opt for your child=
  • If your child is very creative and interested in sketching or painting then you can look for a diploma in fine arts, jewelry designing, dress designing, architecture, or interior decor. If pursued with dedication and the right guidance then these can be very rewarding career options.

  • Also going into research domains is a very successful career option. This research domain is open for candidates of any field whether from science, arts, or commerce.

  • If your child is opting for commerce then there are varied professional courses such as CA/CS/CMA which offer decent packages and also give a chance to have your entity. Also, some the finance courses are in demand like CFA and FRM. These are globally recognized courses and give better options in banking like investment banking analyst, etc.

  • Apart from this you can let them prepare for IAS/IPS or commissioned positions in the army which are highly reputed in the country.

  • If your child is involved in some other activities may be it dance, singing, or some sports, and want to pursue it as a professional career then please try to give them a chance. Although it's very difficult to make something good into these if having no familiar background we have millions of examples of successful people and also everything requires some starting point.

  • Startup culture is on the rise in the country. It requires a lot of hard work but once successful it pays off. So, try to get into these as it would be standing apart from the crowd.

Finally, I suggest that you try to give your child a healthy chance for what they want to do. If they are successful then in my opinion it can be much better then doctor or engineer as success comes with satisfaction.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 21 May 2023        
In India, most of the parents want that their children should either doctors or engineers. In my opinion, it is not good to pressurize children into a specific field. Let them live their own life. Why should we interfere? Every child has his or her own talent. Some children have an interest in sports whereas some have an interest in music. Nowadays, there are various fields to pursue. First thing, you have to judge your children's interests and take steps accordingly. If you give pressure on your children against their wishes then they would not progress in life. Besides, Engineering or medical here is a list of different fields:-
1. Your children can pursue graduation and postgraduation in humanities and science subjects. Then, they can pursue B.Ed for a teaching job. Besides, your children can also pursue Ph.D. which is essential for a lecturer job.
2. Your children can pursue CA or CS which would give them good earning opportunities.
3. These days, management course is huge in demand. After completing it, there are many job opportunities available.
4. In today's time, mass communication and journalism are very good courses. Your child can grow very in this field.
5. If your child has an interest in sports then they can also make a career in the sports field.
6. Music is also a good field for making a career. Its demand is increasing day by day. Nowadays, there are many vacancies in the music field.
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