Which are best courses to study in Canada for Plus 2 students from India

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Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 10 Apr 2023        
Let me tell you about my sister's experience studying in Canada after she finished her Plus 2 in India. She wanted to work in computer science and engineering, and after doing some research, she discovered that Canada has some of the greatest universities in this field.

She submitted applications to many universities and was accepted into a computer science and engineering programme at one of Canada's best universities. She got the opportunity to learn from some of the top instructors in the area and receive hands-on experience working on real-world projects while in Canada.

Apart from the academic experience, my sister appreciated Canada's cultural diversity. She made friends with many Canadian students and met folks from all around the world. During her school breaks, she also had the opportunity to tour Canada's wonderful natural surroundings.

My sister was able to obtain a terrific career in her industry after graduating because of the good education she acquired in Canada. She has subsequently relocated to Canada and is pursuing a rewarding career in the technology business.

Based on my sister's experience, I would strongly recommend Canada to Plus 2 students from India interested in pursuing higher education in subjects such as computer science and engineering, business administration, health sciences, and more.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 10 Apr 2023        
As a Plus 2 student from India, I have always been interested in studying in Canada. After researching the various courses that are available, I have found that the best courses to study in Canada for Plus 2 students from India are Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Each of these courses offers a unique and comprehensive education that can help students reach their full potential. For example, studying Business in Canada can provide students with the skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-changing business world. Similarly, studying Computer Science can give students the technical skills needed to use cutting-edge technology in the modern world. Furthermore, studying Engineering gives students the ability to design and create innovative products that can lead to new opportunities. Finally, studying Medicine in Canada gives students the opportunity to become a doctor and make a difference in people's lives. All of these courses offer great prospects for Plus 2 students from India, and I am confident that they will help me reach my full potential.
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