Which are the best sources for comparing colleges and universities

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 10 Jul 2023        
To know about the university or college one should collect the following information about the institute or the university from various sources as mentioned below-
1. Past record.
2. Faculty and their details
3. Accreditations and recognitions
4. Percentage of students who passed in first class in the previous year and the ranks obtained by the students of the institute in the course in which we want to get admitted
5. Campus placement information like percentage of students who obtained posting through campus interviews and salary package range etc in the course in which we want
6. Infrastructure and facilities

We can collect the above-required information from various sources and such sources are mentioned below-


All universities and colleges will be creating their websites and the information about their institute will be placed on these websites. Generally, the information that is being given on these websites will be correct only and nobody will try to give wrong information.

Talking with old students of the institute

If we know any of the students who are in the college or who just left the institute, we can contact them and gather information from them. The information we get from them will be reliable and many students will come out with their frank opinions.


The Internet is a vast area and we will have many sites which will publish articles about various universities and colleges. Generally, the information given in these publications will be unbiased and correct only. Indiastudychannel is one such site that focuses on education and related matters. By going through these sites and articles we will get fairly a good idea about the college and we can compare different institutes.


Old students of the institute will publish their reviews about the colleges and universities. By going through those reviews also we will get more information about the institute.


There are different organisations that conduct surveys and give rankings to each college and university. NIRF is one such organisation that gives rankings to these institutes. These rankings also are a source of comparison. There are different student organisations like ABVP etc. Some of these organisations will collect information and publish a ranking sheet just before the admissions every year. I have seen such ranking sheets with many students who come for counselling before admissions. These lists also will be useful for having a better comparison.

After getting the information from various sources mentioned above, a comparison can be made and the best college can be decided.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 11 Jul 2023        
There are several reliable sources that can be used to compare colleges and universities. Here are some of the best sources that provide valuable information and insights about the colleges and universities:

  1. College and University Rankings-There are various organizations that publish rankings of colleges and universities. These organizations publish rankings based on different factors like faculty quality, academic reputation, research output, and student satisfaction. Some of the well-known ranking systems are Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, and U.S. News & World Report Rankings.

  2. College and University Websites-You can compare the features and offerings of different colleges and universities, by visiting the official websites of the institutions you are interested in. College and university websites typically provide detailed information about faculty, programs, facilities, and admission requirements.

  3. College Search Engines and Directories-You can compare colleges and universities using online college search engines and directories such as Niche, Peterson's, and CollegeBoard. These search engines and directories provide comprehensive information like tuition fees, admission rules, student reviews, etc.

  4. Accreditation Agencies-Accreditation agencies assess the standards and quality of colleges and universities. Checking if the college is accredited by a recognized university is important as it ensures that the college meets certain standards of quality like overall education, curriculum, faculty, and facilities.

  5. Student Review Websites-There are websites like College Confidential and Unigo, where students share their reviews of colleges and universities. You can check out these websites to know about different institutions.

  6. Campus Visits-If possible, you can visit the campuses of the colleges and universities you are interested in. This will help you to get a sense of the facilities, campus culture, and overall environment.
When comparing colleges and universities, it is important to use multiple sources and gather information from various perspectives as different source provides different aspects of information.
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