Which country is best to study MBA HR abroad for Indian students

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 12 Jun 2023        
Human Resources management is a tough task and people should have good skills to work in HR departments as their main duty is to maintain the human resources well in the organisation. A person should have man management skills. A person who is a native of that country can understand the behaviours of the people from that country only. Hence the courses will be designed in such a way that they are useful for the management in their local and national industries. So I am of the opinion that It is better to study management courses in HR management within their own country. Some people may be having a different opinion.

Many Indian students are going to other countries to do their MBA with an HR specialisation. I am of the opinion that the following countries may be good destinations for studying MBA HR.

1. The United Kingdom: In this country, there are many management colleges which are imparting good skills to HR students. The standard of education in this place is very high and there are plenty of opportunities in this country to get placement after completing the course. Aston University, Birmingham is one such university in this part of the world.

2. Spain: This is also a good country with helpful local people and there are many top-class universities where skill development will be given top priority. There are many business schools like EU business school which are very well known across the globe.

3. Italy: The country is well known for its relations with other countries and there are many MNCs in this country that will help you in getting a posting in this country. Rome Business School, Rome is a very well-accepted business school. This school offers online courses also.

4. United Arab Emirates: I know some people who did their MBA in this country and the courses are very suitable to Indian ecology. The facilities are good with high-end technological innovation. The University of Wollongong in Dubai is a very well-known institute for this course.

5. Philippines: This is also a good place and the education is not costly here. There are plenty of opportunities to get a placement after completing the course. The University of Sto. Tomas (UST) is one of the best institutes.

But there are many good institutes in India itself like ISB, Hyderabad. IIMs where you will get bet coaching in HR. So my first preference will be India only. The student can take a decision after making a thorough study of various countries including the above-mentioned countries and then can take a call, I feel.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 08 Jul 2023        
There are many countries that offer excellent opportunities for Indian students to pursue an MBA in Human Resources (HR) abroad. Here is the list of some of those countries that offer MBA HR programs:

1. United States: There are many renowned business schools in the United States that offer comprehensive MBA programs in Human Resources. The United States also offers excellent prospects for MBA HR graduate candidates.

2. United Kingdom: United Kingdom is renowned for its world-class business schools and universities. The UK's strong business connections make it an attractive destination for international students, including Indian students.

3. Canada: In Canada, there are many universities that are known for their high-quality education. MBA HR graduates can find many job opportunities in Canada.

4. Australia: Australia is also become popular among Indian students who are seeking an MBA in Human Resources. Australia has a strong HR job market which is making it an appealing choice for many Indian students.

5. Singapore: Singapore offers recognized MBA programs in HR and it also has strong business connections which provide many opportunities for MBA HR graduates.

It is important to consider factors such as curriculum, faculty expertise, the reputation of the universities, the overall cost of living, internship opportunities, and work opportunities while choosing a country to study MBA HR abroad.
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