Which country is best to study MBA in Finance abroad for Indian students

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 10 Jun 2023        
MBA is one of the most sought-after courses for both technical and other graduates. There are many world-class institutes in India for studying MBA. IIMs, Business schools etc are there in India also where an excellent world-class subject is imparted to the students. However, many students show interest to go abroad for studying MBA. Many Indian students who could not make it to top-class Indian institutes for their MBA also will try to go abroad and study MBA.

In my opinion, to say this is the best country for MBA is very difficult. This may depend on the institute you join, the specialisation you opt for and your ability to pick up the subject etc. various parameters are to be considered and individual requirements will play a very important role.

However, there are many advantages if a student gets an MBA degree from a superior institute abroad. The following are some advantages.

1. An international MBA from one of the best institutions abroad will give you a very good value and MNCs and other big organisations may get attracted towards your candidature. Seeing your performance while you are in your studies also some organisations will give you good scholarships and may offer appointments also with excellent pay and perks.

2. A student from a renowned institute abroad will have good exposure and will have the facility of networking with good professionals in the field.

3. A person who goes abroad to study will have exposure to multiple cultures and lifestyles and will get accustomed to get adjusted to different situations and cultures which will give him an advantage in finding out a good job.

With the above information, I like to mention that the following are some of the best countries where we can have a good MBA finance degree.

1. The US: There are many good institutions in the US where a student can have excellent coaching and skill development while studying for his MBA. The USA houses many top companies in IT and other core subjects also. Hence the students after completing their MBA will have excellent chances to get employed in a top tire company. The following are some of the best institutes in this country. I suggest that the student should go through the details of the institute before making a final decision.

a) Harvard University. Cambridge
b) Stanford University. Stanford
c) The University of Chicago
d) University of Pennsylvania
e) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. The United Kingdom: The next on the list will be the UK. This country is also having the headquarters of many organisations across the world. So they will be eyeing the students who are doing their MBAs in good institutes and grabbing them for suitable positions in their organisations. There are many universities that are offering MBA finance. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are the best among such universities.

3. Canada: This country attracts people from all over the globe as the opportunities are more there and competition is less. So many students go there and settle there and earn huge money. There are many institutes that are offering MBA finance. Desautels McGill University and Smith Queen's University are the best as far as my knowledge goes. I know one or two professionals who did their MBA here and later on, settled there. Among those two one is my intermediate classmate.

4. Australia: Here the cost of study and cost of living is less when compared to other countries. In this continent also we will find top institutes. Getting a job and settling there are also not difficult if the candidate wishes. The University of South Australia and Monash University are having good names I feel.

5. Singapore: This country is having a strong economy and plenty of opportunities. The cost of study is very reasonable and we will find many Indians there working or studying. My friend's son did his MBA there while working and after completing the same got an excellent job. Singapore Management University and James Cook University are known institutes for MBA finance.

The individual has to decide the institute based on his interest, budget and abilities. At the same time, we should choose a university which will respond to you after seeing your rank and marks.
Author: Ajay Gupta      Post Date: 26 Nov 2023        
If you are talking about the best business schools then you need to look for admission in countries like USA and UK. Admission to such top business schools requires you to have an excellent academic record with recommendations. You can try for admission at the below-mentioned business schools abroad.

1. Harvard Business School, USA
2. Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
3. London Business School, UK
4. Stanford Business School, USA
5. INSEAD, Singapore
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