Which educational stream is the current growing trend in India?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 28 Apr 2023        
In India, there is an unemployment problem. So many people are trying to go for IT and software courses. There are many lucrative jobs for the candidate who has a good qualifications in this line. So the majority of the students who wanted to do their B. Tech want to join Computer Science Engineering or information technology branches. I have personally asked many students who are about to join in Engineering branch he wanted to select, and 99% of students showed interest towards IT and Computer Science streams only.

In earlier days the demand was for Electronics. But now the shift is towards CSE and /or IT. Top-ranked students are going for these degrees. No one showing much interest in core subjects like Civil engineering. Chemical engineering and electrical engineering. But these days all are interested in IT or CSE only.

After completing their degrees people are trying to do some specialised courses and improving their skills. This is making them stay updated and also get encouragement in their profession.

So, in my opinion, the trending streams as of now in India are CSE, IT and Electronics branches under the graduation level. The employees are showing interest in acquiring new skills in the areas like AI and Machine Learning, business administration etc. We all know that online education is becoming a boon to these employees. Because of all these requirements education stream is also very flourishing in India these days, I feel.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 29 Apr 2023        
In India, the current growing trend in education is the STEM stream. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education has become increasingly popular in India due to the growing demand for tech-focused jobs and the increasing importance of technology in everyday life. For example, there are more IT, software, and engineering jobs available, and this requires specialized training in the STEM fields.

I personally think that a STEM education is essential not just to secure a good job, but also to develop more in-depth understanding of the world. Knowing how to use technology, combined with an understanding of the physical and natural world, will help students think more critically and solve practical problems. With the current technological advancements in India, STEM education is essential to benefit from the available opportunities and to stay competitive.

Moreover, a STEM education can help prepare students for the future. An understanding of the required technologies and a mastery of the STEM fields will help students gain a competitive edge in their job search, as well as in other areas of their lives.

All in all, STEM education is the current growing trend in India and is crucial for students to succeed in today's digital age. This educational stream will not only provide students with the necessary tools to succeed in their respective fields, but it will also help prepare them for the future.
Author: Geeta      Post Date: 28 Apr 2023        
On the basis of my experience in education sector, I think currently, in India the most preferable growing trend towards non-traditional educational streams are vocational training, entrepreneurship, and skill-based learning. These streams focus on developing practical skills and preparing students for specific job roles or industries.

The government of India has also launched various initiatives and programs to promote skill-based education and vocational training, including the Skill India Mission, which aims to train over 40 crore people in India in future.

Also, there is a growing interest in interdisciplinary education, where students can study multiple subjects or fields of interest. This approach allows for a more flexible and personalized education experience and prepares students for diverse career paths.
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