Which is the most reliable study abroad agency in Chennai?

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Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 28 Mar 2023        
According to my childhood friend, who worked in Chennai, "Edwise International" is the most dependable study abroad organization. My friend used their services to pursue a Master's degree in the US and was pleased with the professionalism, effectiveness, and attentive service of the organization.

Among the many services offered by Edwise International were assistance with the application process, advice on standardized tests, and help with visa applications. They also supported my friend during their study abroad experience and assisted her in finding a place to stay.

The organization featured a group of skilled counsellors who could offer personalized advice based on my friend's academic background and interests and were aware of the admission standards of different universities. To assist students in making well-informed choices on their study abroad plans, they also hosted educational activities and seminars.

Overall, Edwise International provided my friend with a positive experience, and she would heartily recommend them to anyone in Chennai looking for dependable study abroad services.
Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 29 Mar 2023        
When looking for a study abroad agency in Chennai, it is critical to conduct extensive research to ensure that you select a reputable one. Begin by asking friends or coworkers who have studied abroad for suggestions, or by searching online for agencies that specialise in your destination or subject of study.

Once you've narrowed down your selection of agencies, look into their accreditation and affiliations with respected organisations, their industry experience and reputation, and the range of services they provide. Look for agencies having physical offices in Chennai or nearby, as they can provide better local support and help.

Communication and honesty, in my opinion, are equally key things to consider. A trustworthy agency will communicate effectively with you throughout the process and be open and honest about its prices and services. Before making your final selection, don't be afraid to ask questions and clarify any doubts you may have.

Ultimately, it is critical to research and selects a reputable study abroad service to ensure a smooth and successful experience.
Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 29 Mar 2023        
According to my research and reading experience, I like to suggest the best consultancy in Chennai Edwise International. This is a renowned overseas education consultancy firm in Chennai that has been helping students pursue higher education abroad since it began operating more than 28 years ago, Edwise Abroad Consultancy effectively assisted thousands of students in realising their dream of studying abroad. They have a group of skilled and informed counsellors who assist students in selecting the best path for their academic and professional objectives... They have a team of experienced professionals who provide guidance and assistance to students at every step of the admission process. They provide free counselling services for 30 years in countries UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, France, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, etc. Pre-departure orientation, airport pickup, and help with lodging are just a few of the services the company provides to students. Additionally, they give assistance with scholarship applications and financial planning advice for studying overseas.

Overall, Edwise Abroad Consultancy is a reputable and well-established educational consultancy that provides a range of services to students who wish to study abroad.
Author: Abichandh AD      Post Date: 28 Mar 2023        
Some of my close friends live in Chennai and when I enquired to them about good study-abroad agencies in Chennai, they suggested some under their knowledge as well as used by some of their family members. The agencies they suggested are iSchoolConnect, Edwise International, Chennai, IDP Education, KC Overseas Education, Chennai, and BroadMind Study Abroad. They also stated that these agencies will take care of everything and complete the verification of all the documents properly. From their responses, I think that we wouldn't have to worry about any of the processes needed to go abroad. I also read their reviews, which also have some good responses regarding the agencies.
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