Why are GDs mandatory in the MBA admission selection process?

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 13 Jul 2023        
The main purpose of Group Discussion for MBA admission is to justify a candidate's ability to convince and lead a group having different views on a given topic assigned to them in the process of discussion.

Various Personality Assessment Methods such as GD, Personal Interview( PI), Essay Writing, Case discussions etc are conducted by the authorities of MBA colleges to know candidate's interests, aptitudes, personalities etc. it is an exercise of assessing a future manager's communication potentials, leadership qualities, convincing power and knowledge skills of the topic assigned to a candidate.

facts -
1)The Personal Interview is an assessment of a candidate's personality, thought process and future goal.
2) The Writing Ability Test ( WAT ) is a kind of GD where a candidate is asked to write on a given topic within a limited time frame. He has to communicate his opinion and observation on the matter assigned to him.
3) The objective of the GD is to judge the ability of the candidate to analyse a given piece of information.
4) The members on the board keep a close watch of the overall performance of a candidate including his trait of his mixing capability with other peers in his organisation with close observation of his attitude.
5) In the group discussions, the members of the board examine a candidate and how far he is comfortable in the crucial stage with his instant solution fitting to the situation.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 09 Jul 2023        
There are several reasons for including Group Discussions (GDs) as a mandatory component in the selection process for MBA admission. Some of those reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Group Discussions (GDs) helps in assessing a candidate's ability to effectively communicate their thoughts, opinions, and ideas in a group. Strong communication skills are important for success in the business world and so MBA graduates are expected to have strong communication skills.

  2. In GDs, candidates will be given a specific issue or topic that requires critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Generally, employers seek candidates with these skills.

  3. In GDs, the candidate's leadership qualities and decision-making skills will also be evaluated. MBA candidates require these qualities as they are often required to make strategic decisions and lead teams.

  4. Group Discussions also assess the candidate's ability to work collaboratively with others. MBA candidate requires this ability as business projects often require coordination and collaboration among team members.

  5. GDs also assess the confidence and presence of mind of the candidates.
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