Why do candidates mostly prefer Humanities as Optional subject Civil Services Examination?

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Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 12 Apr 2023        
Additionally, I have a background in the humanities, so I am aware of their significance. Humanities is a fantastic choice for applicants hoping to become civil servants because it offers a number of benefits as an optional topic on the Civil Service Exam. Humanities courses are interdisciplinary in nature, utilising a range of disciplines and viewpoints to comprehend complicated situations. In order to succeed in a career in the civil service, candidates need gain a deeper and more complex awareness of social, political, and cultural concerns. Candidates must assess and analyse texts, data, and other kinds of information when studying the humanities. Candidates can benefit from this by strengthening their analytical and critical thinking abilities, which are crucial for a career in the public service. Candidates need to be able to make sense of complex information, identify patterns, and draw conclusions based on evidence. Humanities as an optional subject in the CSE can help candidates develop a range of skills and knowledge that are essential for a career in the civil service. Candidates who choose humanities as an optional subject can look forward to a challenging and rewarding preparation process, and a career that makes a real difference in society.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 13 Apr 2023        
Recently, my friend sat the Civil Services Exam and selected Humanities as one of the optional subjects. She shared some insightful information when I questioned her about her decision to major in humanities. She began by stating that humanities is a vast subject that covers a variety of themes. It is the best option for individuals who don't want to focus on a specific field because of its versatility. She also emphasized that applicants who major in humanities have a strong understanding of social sciences, which is essential for a civil servant.

Additionally, it enables them to comprehend the underlying causes of social problems and develop workable remedies. Additionally, according to my acquaintance, the humanities curriculum is well-organized and covers subjects like history, philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, and psychology. The candidate can learn the subject thoroughly and get better prepared for the tests thanks to this extensive syllabus. Last but not least, my acquaintance added that studying the humanities aids in the development of analytical and critical thinking abilities, which are crucial for any civil worker.

Additionally, she claimed that most candidates choose humanities since it is simpler to do well in it than in other optional disciplines. Overall, my friend thought Humanities was the best subject to study for the Civil Services Exam and advised other aspirants to do the same.
Author: Algo Shaji      Post Date: 18 Apr 2023        
My friend recently took the Civil Services Examination and decided to choose Humanities as an optional subject. When I asked her why she chose Humanities, she had some interesting insights to share.

First and foremost, she said that Humanities is a broad-ranging subject which covers a wide range of topics. This diversity makes it the ideal choice for those who don't want to specialize in a single field. She also pointed out that Humanities provides candidates with a good understanding of social sciences, which is necessary for a civil servant. It also helps them to understand the underlying causes of social issues and come up with suitable solutions.

Furthermore, my friend said that the syllabus of Humanities is well-structured and includes topics such as history, philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, and psychology. This comprehensive syllabus allows the candidate to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject and be better prepared for the exams.

Finally, my friend said that Humanities also helps to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, which is important for any civil servant. She also said that it is easier to score good marks in Humanities compared to other optional subjects, which is why most candidates prefer it.

Overall, my friend found Humanities to be the perfect choice for the Civil Services Examination and recommended it to other aspiring candidates.
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