Why there is so much difference in fees between Govt and private schools?

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Author: Venkiteswaran      Post Date: 04 Apr 2023        
Govt schools are funded from start and run with funds received from government. Govt schools do not consider profit as purpose, but service and welfare of the people(students). They fulfil the constitutional obligations and the statutory requirements of universal free education upto a certain age and stage.

On the other hand private schools are started and run by private individuals, trusts and other entities funding from their own sources or borrowings. The money has to be returned and repaid with interest to the lenders. For the regular functioning of the school, salary has to be paid to the teachers and other staff. Money is to be spent on the consumable materials for everyday running of the schools. All this need money. Moreover private schools give better attention and facilities to the students in academic and non-academic areas. Hence fees is collected from the students. Some schools collect voluntary donations or returnable deposits.

Som private schools have residential facility, tutor facility etc. For these also separate fees are collected.

However there are some private schools which are 'aided schools' or partially funded by government. Such schools collect only nominal fees to compensate for the difference or shortfall from aid received. Such schools collect fees as per government norms and remit same to government and then get back aid amount.

While being public sector, government schools cannot limit number of students, many private schools limit teacher-student ratio for better attention and results.

However due to the continuous reforms and technological developments adopted by governments and the larger budgetary allocation for education, nowadays even many govt schools are almost at par with private schools and some private schools have become just greedy commercial ventures.
Author: Tony John      Post Date: 31 Mar 2023        
The reason is obvious. All government schools are funded by the government without bothering about profit and revenue from those schools. However, when it comes to private schools, there is no government fund involved. The school has to meet all the expences from the fees it collects. Also, most private schools are operated as businesses and they need to make a profit out of the business. That's the reason most private schools are more expensive than government schools.
Author: Abichandh AD      Post Date: 01 Apr 2023        
From my knowledge, Government schools are typically funded by the government, while private schools rely on tuition fees to cover their expenses. Private schools often have additional expenses that government schools do not, such as more extensive facilities, extracurricular activities, and specialist teachers. I feel that private schools are often seen as providing a higher quality of education than government schools due to smaller class sizes, better resources, and a more selective admission process. Finally, the cost of education can be influenced by the socioeconomic status of the students attending the school.
Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala      Post Date: 02 Apr 2023        
The private school has to arrange their fund to maintain all the expenses while in Govt schools, the fund is provided by Government. This is the big reason for the difference in fee structure between private and Govt. Schools.

In Govt. School, the students have to pay no fees up to 8 standards as the constitution of India instructs the Govt. to provide free and compulsory education for up to 14 years. But this rule does not apply to private schools.

the private school has the right to take fees from parents as per facilities provided by them.
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