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How Does a WiFi Work?

The term Wi-Fi technology is become common now a days. Wi-Fi is the short form of wireless fidelity. The emergence of Wi-Fi technology replaces most of the wired technology from the field of communication. This article is mainly intended to make you understand the working of Wi-Fi technology and also the terminologies associated with it.

What are the security risks involved in using public WiFi networks

If you are thinking you can take advantage of some free WiFi that is available in your surroundings, wait for a moment before connecting to it. Some hackers intentionally provide free WiFi connectivity so that they can steal the information from you. If you don't know the public WiFi security risks, there is a very high chance that your personal identity can be compromised. In this article, I will talk about the risks of using public WiFi and the various approaches to deal with it.

How to get free WiFi service in Indian Railway Stations

Read this article to know how to use free WiFi service in select Indian Railway stations. Tips and guidelines for using free WiFi and net service in Railway stations. Find the advantages and disadvantages of free WiFi service in Railway service.

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