Will studying abroad enhance one's career prospects in India?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 26 Jul 2023        
There will be some benefits for a student who studied in a foreign university.

1. A student who studied at a foreign university will have the advantage of interacting with students from different cultures and languages. This will give the students a chance to learn different languages and multilinguistic skills will stand an advantage. Some companies in India that are famous for exports will be looking for people with these skills. These companies may use them in other countries for developing their market.

2. A student who studied in a foreign university will have friends from other countries and that will be helpful for the individual. Information from those countries can also be obtained from the network you are having in those countries.

3. When you stay alone in a different atmosphere, you have to organise everything on your own. This will help you in improving your organisation and planning skills.

4. A better financial understanding will get developed. This is due to your experience during your studies in a foreign country. A student will know how much he is spending and on what he is spending. That will make him more responsible.

5. Irrespective of the country where studied abroad, definitely the communication skills of the individual will get enhanced.

Because of the above points, getting selected for a job will become easy when compared to a student who studied in his native country.

But the standard of the university in which an individual studied will have a big say. A student from IITs or NITs or IIMs from India will be preferred by Indian companies over a student who studied in a normal university abroad. I always feel that a degree from a standard university is preferred. Many students who could not get a seat in India in good colleges, go abroad and study there.

A qualification will be helpful to you in getting a job but afterwards, career growth completely depends on the performance of the individual. A person who wants to have better career growth should continuously improve his skills and get updated in the field of his work. Then only one can progress well.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 26 Jul 2023        
Studying abroad would expand your horizons and help in many ways. Here are some of the key areas discussed which would be honed while studying abroad. Although these all can also be improved in the country itself:

  • Confidence and Communication skills: Studying abroad would boost your confidence and help you to communicate effectively. When you are away from your family and friends and have to manage everything on your own, then it improves your confidence and brings a sense of self-dependence. Also in a foreign country, you will get a good grip over the English and also get a chance to work upon the native language of that country.

  • Practical Knowledge:Although Indian universities nowadays are focusing upon practical exposure through internships, the education system in foreign countries is now more practical exposure oriented. In this area, they are excelling to a greater extent.

  • Reputation and Brand name:Some of the foreign universities have strong brand names and are known worldwide. Getting a degree from there would open up new pathways and help you to get into reputed organizations. This would be very helpful for your professional life.

  • Management skills:Studying abroad would help you to improve your management skills as it requires a lot of effort in managing your finances, personal life and other things.

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