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Why Women Are Always Held Culprit For Delinquencies?

How far do you find it tenable that girls become victims to rape, dirty lusty eyes of males, and mocking, taunts and derision due to their wearing small and tight dresses? And the girls who wear salwar- sameez are not looked upon even for once by those male’s roving eyes? How far is this frame of correct? It would be quite difficult for you to answer this. Let’s goad this issue further through this critique.

Smart And Intelligent Women Of Today

There was a time in India when when women were housewives and looked after kids only. But time has changed today. Women have become almost equal to men and are excelling in all fields and professions. These days people can find women who are Airline Pilots, Politicians, Engineers. This article examines the position of women in the society of today.

Women always be in a step forward in their life than men

Since from the start of this mankind there had been many questions asked that among the male and female who is most beautiful? Who shows more interest in having sex? In what way the women are better than men? For all these questions many will be having different opinion according to their surroundings. But what the research and the researchers are telling made this article.

Healthy eating tips for working women

Today more and more women are going out to work. This article brings out certain measures to cope up with the hectic life of a working women and tips to manage nutritional food in the home as well as on the go.

How to manage the identity crisis of modern women aged 18 to 35

Indian women aged 18-35 are very much part of what is now famously called as the demographic dividend. In other words, India has a huge advantage that hundreds of thousands of educated women are in this age group. Be that as it may, there is a huge identify crisis that grips most of such women. Some dimensions of such an identify crisis and ways of managing them are described in this article.

What to do to raise boys who respect women

How do you raise your child to respect women? How do you ensure that your son does not grow up to be a molester or rapist? This guide shows parents how to raise their sons. We need to change the way boys have been brought up.

Top 3 Self-defense classes for women in Chennai

You do not have to be out late at night to be molested, mugged or feel threatened and unsafe. Unscrupulous elements can strike anytime. But, if you know a few self-defense techniques, you can fight your attacker. Join self-defense classes in Chennai and learn how to be safe.

Feminism and stay at home women - a debate

The author discusses feminism and how it connects with the freedom to choose. Is a homemaker any less feminist than a woman who has a high-paying job? Feminism is about equality and that includes the right to make decisions. A working woman who leaves her job to be a full-time homemaker is a big feminist because she follows her heart.

International Women's Day - Let's celebrate women (an essay)

A short essay on the International Women's Day. This is a hard-hitting cryptic essay that reaches out to society, questions its attitude towards women and asks it to change. A True celebration of women can happen only when women are liberated.

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