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  • Studying B.Sc. agriculture course in a private college and job scope

    Want to know if it is viable to pursue a B.Sc. agriculture course in a private college and have a good career ahead? Get expert guidance through the responses below.

    I want to know details about the B.Sc. Agriculture course. Specifically, I wish to know if it is good to do this course with a private college? Also, on completing the course, will I get a job? Is this course a good one to pursue in terms of a steady, future career option?
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  • Yes it is viable to pursue a B.Sc. agriculture course in a private college and have a good career ahead. Check whether the private college is recognized by UGC or not. The B.Sc agriculture has equal importance whether you done from government college or from private college.Main thing is the knowledge. The all government jobs for which the Government college students and the private college also apply. No special weight age is given to government college students.

    B.Sc Agriculture course :- 12th Science stream students, who have an interest in the sector of agriculture, may pursue this course. B.Sc. Agriculture course is a great alternate to the B.E./B.Tech. Agriculture Engineering program. Since India is an agrarian country, this field will never run out of job opportunities. To be honest, qualified professionals are always valued, when it comes to agriculture sector.

    B.Sc Agriculture Course Details :- It is a 4 years long Undergraduate Bachelor Degree program. B.Sc. Agriculture program consists of topics such as- agriculture science, use of modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, water resource management, animal and poultry management, basics of biotechnology etc.The main aim of this program is to use the above mentioned concepts to train students improve agriculture productivity, manage products and pave way for future developments through research activities.

  • A degree programme in agriculture has lot of scope these days. Government have come forward to improve the agricultural production of the country. This means more scientific input will be needed in every corner of the country where in some agricultural activity is possible. There is still scarcity of experts in this field. Similarly more research is needed regarding various aspects of production and site selection. In our country agriculture production mainly depend on weather. Availability of rain in the correct season is not guaranteed. Hence planning for the availability of water in time will have to be done early. Seed and fertilizer selection have to be done scientifically. Like that at almost all stages the advise of a qualified person is a must in agriculture sector.
    However selection of the college is also important. There are Govt and private colleges. It is irrelevant which is selected. Make sure that the college selected is equipped with good facilities including staff and research laboratories.


  • B.Sc., Agriculture course is a good option these days. If you are getting a seat in a good UGC recognised college, even private college is OK. Your certificate will not say you have studied in a private college. But you should choose a good college as you will get a good opportunity to learn the subject and job chances will also increase. So selecting a college is very important.
    It is 4 years course and +2 or intermediate science, is the required qualification. The selection will be made based on your rank in the entrance test. There are many good colleges offering this course.
    There are very good jobs for this qualification. There are many agriculture based industries are there wherein they employ many agriculture scientists for their development activities and quality works. There are many research laboratories under CSIR where there are chances for good postings. Like this, there are many opportunities both in private and public sector areas.

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  • It is a good option to pursue BSc Agriculture course as there are many options as far as job opportunities are considered. Students having science in class XII are eligible for admission to this course.

    There are many private colleges from which one can pursue this course. Only thing is one should ascertain that the institute is recognized by UGC.

    It is a 4 years bachelor degree program comprising of topics like agronomy, plant genetics, entomology, agriculture science, use of modern scientific tools and equipment and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, water resource management, animal and poultry management, basics of biotechnology etc.

    There are some colleges where Agriculture is an optional subject in class XII and for those students it is an ideal choice.

    After doing BSc Agriculture course one can try for job in State Agricultural departments, Managers at Plantations, Executives in Fertilizer Manufacturing firms, Mangers in big farms, Executives in Agriculture Machinery Industries, Agricultural Products Marketing firms, Food processing units etc.

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  • In our country, where the farmers don't have sufficient input regarding the augmentation of agricultural production and where there is adverse climatic condition such as floods, insufficient rain and lack of knowledge of using hybrids in order to maximise the production of their inputs, this course will enable the aspirant to be armoured with technical expertise in the agricultural - field and will be greatly be benifited with the aquistion of the same course.
    B.Sc Agriculture course are in great demand in State - government, Central- government and in Research - laboratories, Food - processing units etc.
    B.Sc Agriculture is a four year degree programme where an aspirant gets sufficient inputs in Selection of soil for a particular crop, selection of seeds, Biotechnology, agronomy, plant - genetics and animal - husbandry etc.
    After passing class twelve, the aspirant is required to appear in a test for admission in B.Sc Agriculture where the knowledge of the candidate is measured in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and in case a candidate qualifies the test, they are eligible to persue the course.
    Even if you study in a private college, your degree will be valid but you have to ensure the course has got the UGC affiliation.

  • A student of agriculture has lots of scope. However, before discussing that aspect, let me advise you to check whether the college and university under which you are studying is affiliated to UGC, or not.

    A student of agriculture has various scopes nowadays. He can become a crop scientist, a cash crop scientist, a plantation expert. He can join academics also. Pisciculture, animal husbandry, sericulture, etc. are also part of agricultural science. He can shift his attention to those directions also. A student of agriculture can join bank as Agricultural Officer and can also have private employment in agro-based industries and companies.

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  • In today's scenario the job market is very very competitive and there are much more numbers of graduates in almost all disciplines passing out then the demand in the market. So whatever career you are pursuing it requires lot of hard work and dedication to reach your goal.
    Though there is tight position for jobs still some of the career lines are slightly better than others and in that context Agriculture degree is somewhat better.
    B Sc Agriculture is a 4 years degree program and encompasses a syllabus starting from crop production to agricultural equipment. It is a big field and with Govt thrust on agriculture it is going further more lucrative from job point of view.
    The students with XII science are eligible for pursuing this course and those who have science with agriculture can join this for taking advantage of their basic knowledge in agriculture.
    After this course there are career prospects in agro-industries, crop production and crop protection areas, various Govt departments related to agriculture , sericulture and horticulture, animal husbandry, jobs in fertilizer plants etc.

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  • Bsc in agriculture has a good scope in India as India is agricultural rich land. Slowly professionalism is making its presence felt in the agriculture sector of India. Prospects of agricultural scientist and educated agriculturist are increasing.
    College like CV Raman University, Bihar is one of the good colleges in India to provide the course in Agriculture. CV Raman is a premier University in Bihar

    The scope of Jobs in agriculture Sector

    State Government Jobs :
    Jobs like Agriculture Development Officer, Agriculture Extension Officer, Range Forest Officer, District Horticulture Officer etc. recruited by the respective state governments.

    Central Government Jobs:
    Agriculture Graduate Trainee in Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited

    Jobs in Banks and Insurance sector:
    Field Officers, Rural Development Officers, Junior Associates and Junior Agricultural Associates, Agricultural and Probationary Officers are recruited by the different public sector.

    Jobs in Teaching and Education:
    For those whose passion is teaching, there are plenty of opportunities to make a career in teaching at the school, college and university level.

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