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  • Reasons and procedures for sending rockets, astronauts or satellite to space

    Ever wondered why we send a rocket or satellite or even astronauts into space? Get a learning experience from this Ask Expert page on all things related to rockets, astronauts and satellite launches.

    As India successfully sent Chandrayaan 2 by GSLV MK-III into the defined orbit, it made all Indians proud and a hearty congratulations to ISRO for achieving this. The highlight of the mission was that, everything was made in India and the mission was executed by two women. Some of the questions that arises in my mind are:
    1. Why does a country send rockets, astronauts or satellites to space?
    2. What is the normal expenditure for such a mission and who bears the expenses?
    3. From where is the rocket send and is it a confirmed place or the place keeps on changing?
    4. Why do the timings to send rockets are odd (e.g. (2:43 p.m. for Chandrayaan 2? What is the significance of the times for the launch?
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  • 1. The reason for sending satellites in space is for the observation of the celestial bodies around which they revolve. This can by our own planet or for any other celestial body which has a orbit around which the satellite can revolve. This observation is done by using different sensors which give visual, thermal, magnetic and many other types of data.

    The reason for sending astronauts or robots to the surface of a celestial body is for analyzing the planet physically. Various tests are done from different domains of science so study the planet. In case of manned missions, samples are brought back too.

    2. Expenses are more or less covered using Governemnt funds, that is indirectly from taxes. Some of the money may come from commercial activities like launching of satellites of other countries and of companies.
    The amount of money required is huge if you consider both the salaries and the equipment. It varies wildly country to country and on the basis of launch purpose.

    3. The launch locations are few since the setup is s very costly affair. In India, launch is done from Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (thumba), Kerala

    4. The timing is decided on the flight path of the rocket. Especially in case of missions to other space bodies, since both the bodies, ours and the target body, is moving, there is a very specific flight path decided to keep the route shortest.

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