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  • What are the health benefits of Rose Apple?

    Are you looking for the health benefits of rose apple and its availability? Check out this thread to know more about the fruit.

    In our childhood, we used to get and consume rose apple regularly in West Bengal. But now, this fruit has become rare. In Delhi, we don't get rose apple.

    I have heard that rose apple has many health benefits associated with it. What are these health benefits? In which places in India is rose apple regularly available? Why it has become so rare? And finally, I want to know whether this fruit is advisable for diabetes patients.
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  • Rose Apples were very famous in both the Telugu states once upon a time. But these days they are not available much. But very rarely only available. We call them "Gulaabijamikaayalu" in Telugu. They are very good for quenching the thirst. It grows better in many humid areas like coastal areas Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka are some countries where we will get these fruits. Some countries in the USA also people grow these fruits as they are having many medicinal values and health benefits.
    These fruits are having many important uses. They are having Vitamin C and A which are good for high immunity and better vision. They contain some micronutrients like iron and calcium which are very good for our body. They have no calories but good fibre content also. They are good for heart patients also. In addition to the fruits., the leaves of this tree is also having some medicinal values.
    The following are some of the benefits of these fruits.
    1. The antioxidant property of water apples fights the toxins in the body.
    2. They will increase the immunity levels of the body and it will make us ready to fight various viruses and bacteria.
    3. They are very good for pregnant ladies.
    4. They are low in sodium and cholesterol. So they will be good for the health of the heart. There will be making our heart more healthy and reduces the chances of stroke.
    5. They are rich in potassium and water. So they are good for reducing muscle cramps.
    6. . They are good for sugar patients.
    7. They reduce liver problems also.

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  • Rose apples are the delicious fruits having different colours but not resembling with the colour of the Rose and the colours of such fruits Red, Yellow or Green and are abundantly found in Malaysia, Indonesia and also in the southern regions in India.
    We can have a lot of health benefits in case we consume the same when the fruits are available in our localities. Some of the benefits of consuming these fruits are as follows-
    1) Improved Digestion- Due to presence of enough dietary fibre content, this fruit might help in relieving the constipation and gas issues. The seeds of tgis fruit is also helpful if one is suffering from diarrhoea.
    2) Best fruit for the diabetic patients- Since there is enough amount of Jambosine - an organic compound responsible for arresting high sugar level, they can take the same during the season when it is available. The best time of taking this fruit is the early hour of the mornings when our digestion is at the peak level.
    3) Improved function of Liver and Kidney- Being diuretic in nature due to the presence of Potassium, Calcium etc, the impurities present in our body system would be purged effectively and in that we can have the improved functioning of Liver and Kidney.
    4) Immunity Enhancer - Due to presence of enough amount of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C, it protects our body from both viral and bacterial infections and keep our metabolism strong enough to fight from the external diseases.
    5) Helping us in the maintenance of healthy skin- Vitamin C is known for skin rejuvenation due to its antioxidants property and this vitamin takes care of eliminating the impurities of the system this making the blood purified. This, in turn, keeps the skin healthy and eliminates blemishes on the skin.
    6) Helpful in maintaining the cardiovascular health- Since the oxidants present in the fruit apart from high content of Potassium works toward the elimination of unhealthy cholesterol apart from enhancing HDL, which in turns improves healthy functioning of the heart.

  • Fruits have a great impact on our healthy life and this fruit is also known as an immunity booster. In the summer season, it is considered appropriate to consume more and more fruits because it balances the lack of water in the body. Also, fruits contain fiber which makes digestion easier. The diet system of our ancestors was very good, in which they always used to consume fruits after the meal. Rose apple is also one of those fruits which have taken many benefits with them.

    Rose apple is also good for eye health. This is because it contains vitamin A, one of the most important nutrients for the eyes, which is considered beneficial for increasing eyesight.

    A high amount of fiber is found in this fruit, which removes problems like constipation, indigestion. This dietary fiber is also good for controlling blood sugar and also helps in weight management. In such a situation, it is also a beneficial fruit for people who do not have a blood sugar balance.

    Elements like calcium, potassium are found in abundance in this. Which keeps your teeth and bones strong as well as removes the weakness of the body. Also important for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.

    Some people often have gas problems and feel tired in the body, this fruit is also considered best for such people. On the other hand, it is very beneficial for those who feel nausea or weakness because they work to balance the electrolytes in the body and provide strength.

    Most fruits have similar properties and benefits and we should habitually include them in our daily routine to be healthy for a long time.

  • Fruits makes our immune system strong. It is necessary to consume fruit for staying healthy and fit. No doubt, Rose apple is healthy fruit. Rose Apple is also known as water apple, Jamaican apple, wax jambu and bell fruit. It is a bell shaped fruit that is red, yellow or green in colour. Generally, It is found in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Indian subcontinent. It is highly rich in various types of vitamin, mineral and other component which is very good for our health. It contain Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. It also contain dietary fiber, sodium and potassium, which have lots of health advantages. Apart from this Rose Apple also contains minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Sulphur, Chloride, Phosphorus and Zinc. There are lot of benefit if we consume rose apple. It's advantage are as follows:-
    1. It helps to detoxify the liver.
    2. It prevent from diabetes.
    3. It contain fibre which is helpful in digestion.
    4. It improve the immune system.
    5. It control cholesterol levels and prevent from cancer also.
    6. It protect us from different types of fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Rose Apple is found in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia and in some parts of South India. It looks like a guava but is bell shaped and comes in various colours like yellow, red, or green. The Rose Apple tree grows in high rainfall areas. Its wood is a useful item and used for making tools. It has a peculiar taste with slight bitterness. It can be eaten raw or can be used in jam and jellies. Some varieties of Rose Apple are not edible as they contain some harmful chemicals and one has to take care in that.
    Rose Apple is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, jambosine, betulinic acid, and friedelolactone. Taking jambosine is considered good in diabetic persons. Rose Apple has numerous health benefits and some of these are -
    1. Digestion - It has good amount of fibre present in it and that helps in avoiding constipation and helps in digestion.
    2. Diabetes - The compound jambosine (an alkaloid which regulates the sugar level in the body) present in Rose Apple is particularly useful in diabetic condition.
    3. Liver and Kidney - Rose Apple is a diuretic and helps in removing toxic material from the body which help in better functioning of liver and kidney.
    4. Immunity - Because of large amount of vitamins and minerals in it, Rose Apple works as an immunity booster.
    5. Skin - The good amount of vitamin-C in this fruit is helpful in keeping the skin infections at bay.
    6. Heart - Due to the high levels of antioxidants and nutrients it helps in keeping a good cardiovascular health.
    7. Cancer - There have been some research which indicate that consuming this fruit can help in avoiding certain types of cancer.
    8. Pregnant women - Due to their high nutrients they are good during the pregnancy of the women giving good amount of nutrients to the body.

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  • Rose Apple is beneficial for health. It contains vitamin C which helps boost immunity. Rose Apple can improve skin health and decrease the age effect on the skin. Rose Apple also contains dietary fibers which improve our digestion system. We must consume Rose Apple to control weight and blood sugar. The smell of Rose Apple-like rose. Rose Apple also contains vitamin A. The seeds of the Rose Apple are very poisonous so one must eat the Rose Apple very carefully. Due to the poisonous seeds, the permission of the crop Rose Apple can only be done by a few persons.

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