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Recipe of Black Soybean Churkani.

Churkani, a recipe of Black Soybean is popular in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state. It is relished with main course especially with rice. The step by step method of preparing this dish is described in this article.

Mushroom Spread Toast recipe

Mushroom spread toast is a delicious snack item which is ideal for tea time. This is a favourite of children and its different flavour than that of the routine snacks makes it a good choice. The detailed method of preparing mushroom spread toast is described step by step in this article.

What to do when faced with cooking disasters ?

What do you do if the food gets too oily or salty or overcooked? How do you save a dish that has been destroyed? Can you reduce the oil in a dish or cut down the chilli. The next time a dish doesn't come out the way you expected it to, try these cooking hacks.

Recipe of Delicious Vegetable Palak Paneer

Palak-Paneer (Spinach and Cottage Cheese) is a delicious dish available all across our country especially the restaurants and hotels. It is also a dish of choice in many households. This article describes the step by step easy method of preparing it.

What to do to immediately fix extra salty food ?: Part-2

This article explains various foods which can be added to the prepared meals to immediately reduce extra salt. Foods like sauces, potatoes, onions, flour dough, starch etc can instantly bring down salt concentration thereby fixing extra salty food instantly.

How to make traditional Christmas Cake / Rich Plum Cake recipe

Traditional Christmas cake is a rich fruit cake. It has a strong, distinctive aroma, is soft and moist and tastes absolutely fantastic. Traditional plum cake recipes follow the same basic method of soaking dry fruits in alcohol, though there are minor variations. This is my family recipe of the traditional Christmas Cake.

How to make tasty and nutritious Dal Kebabs with an easy recipe

Incorporate vegetables and pulses into your diet through this tasty dal kebab recipe. It is the perfect solution to make your fussy child eat his vegetables and dals, which makes for a healthy and delicious vegetarian snack. Check my own personal recipe as well as the nutrition quotient of the dal kebab in this article.

Recipe of Beetroot Bhujiya - a dry vegetable.

Beetroot is a common vegetable generally used in soups and with other dry vegetable preparations. It has got a prominent purple red color and this gives the characteristic color to any dish prepared with it. Check out this article to know how we can prepare the delicious dish 'Beetroot Bhujiya'.

Recipe for dry mixed vegetable korma

A dry mixed vegetable dish that is easy to make, uses whatever is in the fridge and is loaded with flavours and nutrition. The dish combines different vegetables and is a good way to eat a number of vegetables at one meal.

Recipe of Brinjal Bhurta - a dry vegetable dish

Brinjal (Eggplant) is a common vegetable generally used in the preparation of dry vegetables, curries, sambhar, pulao etc. This is a vegetable available in our country around the year. Brinjal Bhurta is a tasty and delicious dish prepared with Brinjal and the detailed method of preparing it is mentioned here.

Cheesy, Crunchy Eggs on Toast with Veggies breakfast recipe

Do you have a fussy little eater at home, who says no to vegetables? This egg on toast recipe is packed with the goodness of real vegetables. It is healthy, full of vitamins and minerals and makes a wonderful start of the day. It is also easy to prepare.

South Indian tomato rice recipe with a twist

A traditional South Indian tomato rice recipe with a twist. Tomato rice is a wholesome meal, but here the pulses used in the preparation are coarsely ground instead of being used whole. The change provides a unique flavour to the tomato rice.

Mangora recipe - a chilli hot, crunchy snack

A traditional savoury snack from Rajasthan made with just three main ingredients. It is a vegetarian food item that can be made in advance. It stays for days, unrefrigerated and tastes better with time. Give this family special (mine) a try.

How to make South Indian (Chennai-style) Mutton Biryani

South Indian biryani, especially that made in Chennai is different from the Awadhi (Lucknow), Mughlai (Delhi) and Hyderabadi biryanis. This is how biryani is traditionally made in Tamil Nadu. You will find it served at weddings and feasts that call for celebrations.

Eggless semolina, almond and honey cake recipe

Cakes are perfect for a party or as a snack. And cakes made with semolina (suji/rava) are nutritious as well. Add some almonds and replace sugar with honey and you have a healthier version of a sinful treat. You can't go wrong with this tried and tested eggless semolina cake.

Recipe of Indian Vegetable Curry

Indian vegetable curry (commonly known as Sabzi) is very popular in Indian households and is prepared in many variations. It is a very common item prepared during lunch or dinner time. This article presents the step by step method of preparing Indian vegetable curry.

A simple, nutritious dinner recipe of meatballs with vegetables

A quick recipe for a healthy meal. A dish that is filling, nutritious and tasty as well. This meatball with mushrooms, asparagus and avocado meal is all this. It uses very few ingredients and gets ready in a snap. The ingredients are packed with nutrition and heart-friendly fats. And it's keto friendly as well.

Kashmiri Saffron: World's best herb

Don't you want to boost metabolism and prevent cardiovascular diseases? Do you know a spice that boosts memory and helps in memory retention? Read this article to know more about Kashmir's famous herb widely used all over the world.

Recipe of Dubka - a Kumaoni dish.

Dubka is a Kumaoni dish popular in Uttarakhand state, especially in Kumaon region. It is made with white soybean and is very nutritive and healthy. This article describes the step by step method of preparing it.

Delicious custard pudding recipe

Pudding is one of the favourites of all the members in a family. Everyone likes it as a sweet dish at the end of a sumptuous lunch or dinner. This article is about preparing a delicious sweet custard pudding using vanilla custard powder, milk and chocolate cream biscuits.

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